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Obama's Bain Attacks Could Backfire

Joe296 Wrote: May 28, 2012 7:37 AM
The very idea of a President who has ZERO business experience criticizing an individual who has twenty-five years of highly successful business experience is repulsive. Look at Obama's organizer(quit to go back to school because of lack of success), President of Harvard Law Review(co-worker said he had title but not job. Seldom showed up for work) Legislator(Mr. "vote present" in Ill, authored no significant legislation). Compare this to, Gov of State, 25 year successful business career, major success a Head of US Olympic Committee. But, Mr Obama does make "stemwinding" speeches.
Dan107 Wrote: May 28, 2012 11:54 AM
For all you fantasy Baseball people: Romney, while at Bain Capital hit .780.
Obama, with his green energy quid pro quos is hitting .037. (I'm giving him GM, even though they still owe us $26billion.)

Which one would you rather have up with two outs in the ninth?
Snarkasterous1 Wrote: May 28, 2012 9:12 AM
right.....speeches written by others, and flashed across a teleprompter.

Otherwise, he's not even particularly good at "speechifying."

- Snark
Anonymous17210 Wrote: May 28, 2012 9:18 AM
GOP should run his speech wherein his teleprompter shut down Hilarious.

The ham-handed Barack Obama campaign attack ads on Mitt Romney's former firm Bain Capital have drawn a lot of ire from other Democrats.

And not just because they were sloppily fact-checked (the ads hit Romney for layoffs long after he left Bain) and because a leading Obama money bundler is a Bain executive himself.

Chiming in with various degrees of disapproval were Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker ("nauseating"), former Rep. Harold Ford, Obama car czar Steven Rattner, Sen. Mark Warner and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell.

There are other signs of unease among Democratic elites. Obama contributions...