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Memo to the States’ Governors and AGs on The Decision On Obamacare’s Exchanges: Go Churchill Or Go Home

Joe296 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 7:49 AM
The financial/economic situation we are in today originated when the Clinton Administration mandated that mortgage loans be made to people who did not qualify for the loans. This where it all started. Clinton's surplus was the result of the tech stock market bubble and the thousands of "day traders" who were buying and selling stocks in a tizzy and who were paying taxes on capital gains out of their a-sses.

With the president mobilizing for a barnstorming tour in support of massive tax hikes and to, in effect, overturn last week's vote to keep the House in GOP hands and the gavel in John Boehner's --details here on the president's plan-- the GOP is getting organized in the House and laying down markers.

The media is focused on speculation about the "big deal" and the various scandals, but a huge story is brewing that few are watching.

The deadline for the most important political and legal decisions of the near term is being made in every state: Whether or not...