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Land of School Cheaters and Final Four Suggests Need for Game-changing Strategy

Joe296 Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 7:23 AM
According to Mortimer J. Adler, Philosopher and compiler of the Enclyopedia Britannica, there are two types of knowledge. There is Productive Knowledge, i.e. knowledge one uses in one's job and in earning a livelihood and Directive Knowledge i.e. knowledge on acquires that gives direction to one's life. It is the institutions that are established to provide Directive Knowledge that are failing today. The convenient scapegoat among conservatives is public schools but schools reflect society. The erosion of direction traditionally provided by family, religion, entertainment and government are the problem. Schools can't provide ALL Productive AND Directive Knowledge as they are expected to do today.

ATLANTA -- This weekend, the NCAA Final Four Championship comes once again to Atlanta. And the indictment of dozens of Atlanta educators and administrators in an alleged test-score-cheating scheme has both locals and the national press buzzing.

Atlanta is symbolic of most big American cities, where the excitement of sports or the splash of scandal somehow masks a daily routine of violent and brutal crimes, where victims are robbed, injured or killed. And reading the newspaper or watching Atlanta's local news may have visitors wondering if they themselves will survive the "big shootout."

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, which deserves a Pulitzer for...