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Spot the Newest Low

Joe296 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 7:29 AM
Looking forward to the new TV shows I know will be coming soon...."Good Muslim Bitches" and "Good Jewish Bitches", I know the brave, cutting edge denizens of hollywood and TV programming will be coming out with these at least by next season. However, I expect that I will be visiting Mars in a space ship before this takes place.
renny4 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 8:16 AM
Producers and directors would shyt in their pants when the mullahs put fatwas on them and sent terror squads to blow up their sets. They arae only "brave" when attacking Christians and Western traditions.

The poobahs of our popular culture never seem happy unless they're taking entertainment down to the "next level" of deviancy. When they undertake remakes of Hollywood classics -- especially the comedies -- that's when you see how far we've fallen.

The forthcoming modern-day adaptation of "The Three Stooges" isn't going to be a celebration of that iconic family comedy. The trailer features Moe poking the eyes of "Snooki" Polizzi from the uber-sleazy MTV show "Jersey Shore." But that's nothing compared to the real absurdity of 19-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton playing a nun at the orphanage where...