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Menstrual Activism

Joe296 Wrote: 20 hours ago (8:28 AM)
She is.....WACKO!
Most people I know say if reparations would end forever the demands by blacks for any further special treatment then they would be happy to pay it. However, within six months black leaders would be whining that the reparations were not enough and that more should be paid. There are many blacks today receiving payments for farm discrimination who never farmed a day in their lives. I would like to know how many blacks under Obamacare are receiving subsidies who don't qualify for them. How many black families are receiving free and reduced price school meals that don't qualify for them? How many are getting food stamps that don't qualify for them? Many blacks think all the government assistance programs are just a game and they are to be taken advantage of even though one doesn't qualify for them. It is just a joke for many of them.
Reparations might be the dumbest idea in the history of mankind. The amount of revenue the American taxpayers have given to blacks Americans over the years is more than any reparation amounts I have seen. Blacks would have to give back money if payments already made were included.
Either of these are 10 times better than anything the Democrats put out there.,,It's people like you that elected Obama.
Romney lost because conservatives sat at home and didn't vote.
I guess Pelosi and Reid are you kind of leaders. A blind bat can see that Boehner is superior to those two clowns.
Just make sure you go vote for the candidate who BEST represents your ideas. Is it Nunn or Perdue? If you sit at home you elect Nunn.
This is the grand myth that many on the far right like to sell. Anyone who follows politics knows that national elections are won in the middle. It is the independent, moderate voters that elect Presidents. Unless a candidate can attract those voters they will not win a national election. Many conservatives will not accept this fact, get mad and stay at home on election day thereby handing the election to the more liberal candidate.
It is difficult to believe that Tea Party people are so stupid as to believe that a Republican that is not an arch conservative is not better than any Democrat. The idea in politics is to win elections first. Many on the far right cannot get in their heads that there are not enough of them to win a national election. When a Republican candidate who is not an arch conservative gets nominated many conservatives get mad and sit at home on election day. This is what re-elected Obama. People on the far right who didn't think Romney was conservative enough plus those who resented him because he had earned a great deal of money stayed at home and didn't vote, in essence casting a vote for Obama.
Spoken like a guy who wants Hillary to be his President.
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