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No, they are not stupid, they are just lying. Remember dems always say "the more government handouts we give the more we cut the deficit" and it is NEVER true.
Of course they are lying! I work IT so in order to truly cover up and be absolutely sure that nobody can find her email would be to talk to Iron Mountain (or whoever stores backup copies off site), destroy any remote hardware that duplicates data virtually live (also at another buiding), destroy any actual tapes or disks serving as the tapes, go through the backup application database and remove any tapes that would have her mail, go through the Exchange server (server app of Outlook) and comb through everybody's mail that she sent to and conspired from, and lastly use use the software that can read any scanned incriminating documents and delete them, THEN she is in the clear. Scary thing is that there are still other products\areas to look that could still have copies of her mail... But hey, if lerner already spoke to hIllary and al gore, then i guess she is in the clear....
I work in IT. For the goverment or even a med size company has central storage that has redundant features plus any competent company backs up their data so that there are hundreds of copies of data over time scattered on thousands of pieces of media. This is all a lie. The only way this would be possible is the IT dept tells IRS employees to save their mail onto their desktop. OH PLEASE!!! When my company had a lawsuit, we were told to save data and not reuse the tapes for 2 years. We could go to jail if we failed to maintain that data. Being like past news, looks like someone in IRS IT is up for a promotion with the news.
Good pass this then washington should stop congressmen from purchasing the cars they drive - can u say Mercedes, BMW's etc and do what a real business does - have a fleet of Chevy Malibu's or the like to borrow for PLANNED WORK TRIPS. After all, why even would my company give me a car let alone a BMW when i am a programmer and just need to drive from home to work?
Might i suggest Benghazi??? They would love obama there.
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Is the President Dishonest Or Ignorant?

Joe2711 Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 10:58 AM
"charismatic speech maker." I beg to differ. Obama is like the set of Klipsch Reference 7 speakers with Denon reciever I have. Without his teleprompter, he is Walmart's GPX player. All he does is read the speeches making it sound good. In reality, he is totally agenda driven. He knows America doesn't want to go his direction so he lies - "you can keep your plan", "your taxes wont increase", "gov wont pay for abortions", etc. Sad thing is that there are enough idiots that still believe what he and other dems say letting them drag us down their road.
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