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Might i suggest Benghazi??? They would love obama there.
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Is the President Dishonest Or Ignorant?

Joe2711 Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 10:58 AM
"charismatic speech maker." I beg to differ. Obama is like the set of Klipsch Reference 7 speakers with Denon reciever I have. Without his teleprompter, he is Walmart's GPX player. All he does is read the speeches making it sound good. In reality, he is totally agenda driven. He knows America doesn't want to go his direction so he lies - "you can keep your plan", "your taxes wont increase", "gov wont pay for abortions", etc. Sad thing is that there are enough idiots that still believe what he and other dems say letting them drag us down their road.
"Well, look, they might like to see 2,000 jobs initially. But that is a blip relative to the need." obama. Why put anyone to work? Lets just throw a few billion into the air and see what happens. We'll call THAT stimulus.
This reminds me of when i was 8 years old and carter was prez. i always heard the news 'inflation is up' and i thought 'it must be good!' then my dad educated me on economics. Well athakur, if high unemployment, 1trillion + in borrowed money each year, etc is good, you must be 8 - go talk to your dad. The faltering economy is NOT GOOD. On the subject of 'only learned about the affair after the election' , are you that dense that obama is lying (again) or is the obama administrator that stupid? I mean obama keeps pulling the "i didnt know" excuse. benghazi, the did not know there are marxists in his administration, this, etc, etc, etc. how is this leadership???
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