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Following the idea of "presumed innocent until proven guilty", I can see why she has been placed on administrative leave. However it should not be paid leave until she has undergone her trial and been found innocent. They should hold her salary in a trust account until after the trial. If innocent she gets all her back pay, but if found guilty then that back pay is forfeited and she is terminated as of the day she was put on leave. That seems fair to me...
Liberal heads to start exploding In 3...2..1... Racists!!!
But..But..But...RACIST GOPers!!! Obamascumbag can do no wrong! Don't you know that?? What are you thinking?!?
Good Riddance!
Totally agree- Townhall - Quit with these Dang ads!!
Sounds like she would be a great fit with Fox news! I bet they would welcome another beautiful woman that can actually think for herself and report the news in a fair and balanced way.
Amazing-every failure somehow has to have a link to Bush. "someone who President Bush’s Solicitor General referred to as one of the nation’s most capable litigators" just means that he an win court cases, that doesn't mean that he has the moral compass to lead the Civil Rights Division.
Throw her A$$ in jail and freeze all benefits until she decides to testify, maybe that will change her attitude...
One can only hope that you are right I this article.
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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun of Obamacare

Joe25 Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 5:47 PM
Cute! :)
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