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Black Panthers, Neo Nazis and Easter

Joe211 Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 10:44 AM
The author of this article is a classic conservative. He just doesn't understand propaganda and media manipulation like a Liberal. The Liberals accuse us of hating women and we spend the next two weeks trying to rationally explain why we don't hate women. The Liberals accuse us of being racist and we spend the rest of waking hours trying to explain why we are not racist. I'm embarrassed and angry that Conservatives just can't seem to get it. These are diversions keeping us on the defensive and not talking about what Liberals are doing to this Country. Quit trying to defend yourself every time they dangle the bait. Keep on talking about the traitorous, anti-American activities and plans of the Left. Do not be diverted!

Literally as I write this piece today police are on a manhunt in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a white man who is accused of killing five black men. And apparently Neo Nazis are now patrolling in a city in Florida.

This could be chalked up, I suppose, as reaction from some Americans in the face of the New Black Panther Party’s bounty on George Zimmerman and the rhetoric that has followed. The sad fact is that when bounties are declared, addresses are tweeted, Neo Nazis go on patrol and men go on shooting rampages, the only ones who triumph are the...

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