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The Challenge of Easter: How Will You Respond?

Joe1947 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 10:01 AM
Jesus is "True God and True Man." He sacrificed his human life - and by the way, submitted to suffering pain I can scarcely imagine. Your second question is easily answered. Throwing a virgin (if you can find one today) anywhere accomplishes nothing; it doesn't work. Christ's willing sacrifice did and does. Not so complicated, really. It didn't and doesn't, by the way, "allow (you) to live; it allows you - if you accept it - to live *forever*.
Tacitus X Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 10:35 AM
Your response is what is known as a non sequitur. How does killing one human life allow others to "live forever"? How does one person's pain "absolve" a different person's sins? Repeating a non sequitur doesn't improve it.

Culture Challenge of the Week: Indifference

What does it take to put your life on the line for others?

As Americans, we’re fascinated by sacrificial heroism, and rightfully so. Our country’s history unfolds in the tales of its heroes—and in the ten plus years since 9-11, Americans have witnessed countless acts of heroism.

From the courage of first responders who plunged into the World Trade Center’s burning corridors on 9-11 to the bravery of Seal Team Six, which delivered America from Osama Bin Laden’s malevolence, the selfless acts of others are the stories that we remember and retell.

We capture...

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