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Welcome to San Francisco, DMV Licenses Optional

Joe1933 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 11:45 PM
Makes you wonder about the lunacy that is San Francisco. REALLY what benefit does having unlicensed drivers treated so kindly that it is worth the 1194 lives and the damage, pain and sorrow and the injuries of those not killed? If it hit the families of these politicians multiple times I bet they would change. So long as they don't pay the price they don't care what the expense is to stay in power.
In 2009, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom announced a city policy that directed police not to impound the cars of unlicensed drivers if those drivers could find a licensed friend to drive away their car. The idea, then-police chief (now District Attorney) George Gascón told me at the time, was to help those who could not get a valid California driver's license because of their immigration status, as well as legal residents who could not afford to get a license or driver training.

City Hall's message was clear: San Francisco loves undocumented drivers.

It was a hare-brained scheme, given unlicensed drivers' dangerous tendency to...