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Put your money where your mouth is! Give 14.5 million of your 15 million wealth then you will have some credibility on this issue. President Oblamo did say "at some point you have made enough money".
These people are not LOYAL to this country they are loyal only to their PARTY,
Problem is that the Supreme Court does not consider the Constitution to be an iron clad contract. They think that they are to interpret the Constitution. That is not their job! It is to make a decision if a law conforms itself to the Constituion. Take for example the Commerce Clause. It was to prevent states from putting import fees on products from another state! It was never intended to prevent a farmer from growing wheat for the consumption of his family and farm. But that is what has happened. The Commerce Clause can now regulate what a home owner grows in their backyard garden.
When an Elephant becomes a RHINO he looses his tusks and then finds out his horn has been cut off to save him from poachers.
This man is a compulsive liar. I seriously question his knowledge and experience to be the head of the treasury. Like all demoncrats he has a genetic inability to ever tell the truth.
Get some stones. If you don't have the backbone to be a Warrior get OUT. Issue a subpoena and drag her in front of the committee. Stop pussyfooting around with the administration demand answers. Ask nice once and then play hardball. This is why most Republicans and Conservatives can not stand the behavior of the GOP establishments. I would never tolerate the executive branch refusing Constitutional over-site. Put them under oath and the moment anything other then the "truth the whole truth" comes out of their mount demand perjury indictments. When the government will not tell the truth to itself it is time for the people to take control through revolution.
Gee scum endorsing slime. If the slimeball is elected then Virginia gets what it deserves.
But the demoncrats will deny that any of these closures exist. They are all in denial.
The media is beginning to lose it's Constitutional rights and it is their own fault. They fail to report the truth and make up lies to support what they politically believe in. They are nothing but a huge political action committee.
We see that the UN and the League of Nations have something in common. A complete and utter failure. As for the US whatever the "right" thing to do is Oblamo will do the opposite.
Go TED. That is a true conservative that stands for what said when he was running for election. He is not like the RHINO establishment in the senate.
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