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Head Start and Pre-K programs have proven to be totally worthless. Yes initially the students are ahead of their peers by the third grade there is no difference. The HHS was required to look at the empirical data and track these students they determined that the program worthless. Just spending money to provide day-care to parents.
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ObamaCare Limits Patient Choice

Joe1933 Wrote: Dec 10, 2013 10:51 AM
It was designed to prohibit choice and to destroy private insurance companies. Just look at the site itself. This is suppose increase choices but most of the counties in the country have only one or two vendors. How does this increase competition? The government lies to us constantly and most are just to darn ignorant of just plain stupid to realize it. Repeal ACA and start with allowing insurance to be sold across state lines and then these counties would have dozens of choices. Competition produces lower costs.
The ATF should be disbanded. It's existence is a violation of the 10th amendment. Why is there a separate agency when the FBI could handle all of this activity. Who hires these morons?
Tell the judge to go do deep knee bends over a fire hydrant. This is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment in relation to the "free exercise of religion". Take it all the way to the supreme court they will win. Some legal defense funds will pick up the tab.
Death penalty in the Peoples Republic of California really? They haven't executed anybody for four decades. They are not about to start now.
As a libertarian I have no problems with this. Alcohol is such a danger. I would gladly trade every driver is America that is drunk with someone sitting on their couch at home munching on a brownie.
Another moron who does not have a single active brain cell in his head! Facts are stubborn things but obviously he has never learned any of them.
Holder will never prosecute her. I hope that the statute of limitations does not run out before February 2017. Then a honest and just Attorney General will prosecute her and put her but for years in SUPERMAX prison in Colorado. What she has done to our nation is as damaging as anything done by Terrorists. I would argue that it is treasonous and worthy of execution.
No the reason is that the demoncrats still sting over what President Lincoln did 150 years ago. I remind all that it was the Republicans that abolished slavery, it was republicans that passed the Civil Rights Laws of the 60's. At every step in our history the demoncrats have fought the advancement of blacks in this country. I dare everyone to name one single thing that the demoncratic party has done to advance the blacks in this country. The Republicans destroyed the institution of slavery and the plantation ever since the demoncrats have been fighting like heck to keep them on the new demoncrat plantation by waving food stamps, phones and other goodies to keep them on the demoncrat plantation.
Finally a court that honors the First Amendment!
The only way to change this system will be through rebellion.
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