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The levels of moronic thought never ceases to amaze me.
You all just don't understand it is 'black privilege' they have a right because some ancestor that they can't name may have been a slave.
I'm confused from what was written this national reciprocity law would be between states that currently have concealed carry permit. Regardless it failed we need to eliminate more of the Dem senators in 2016 we need a super majority in the senate.
Keynesian economics only works when the government has a surplus and can spend actual held dollars. It will not support deficit spending or increasing debt! It's is a shame that people who praise it never tell you that.
Please boycott you Dems! A very large population of Jews vote for this progressive libtards maybe this will change their minds. Oblamo is what the party thinks of Israel they really want to support the muslims who want to destroy Israel.
All 'gun free zones' should be renamed 'FREE FIRE ZONE' because that is what they are.
Makes perfect sense!
Maybe Ohio will become more like TEXAS.
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Guess Who's Defending Brian Williams?

Joe1933 Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 12:43 PM
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Gomer Pyle said it best. A LIAR saying another LIAR is honest. Wait for the Katrina story to play out.
Of course it is growing. In part because the 'wealthy' are NOT public school educated. Forty years ago 50% of students dropped out after the first year. Now that the quality of public school has decreased and more unprepared students are brainwashed into thinking that college is for them they are in over their heads. Community college has seen the rise of 85% of the students are in remedial classes. To many university students are in remedial classes as well. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Don't forget the cost because the feds opened the flood gates for money and the progressive intolerant hateful professors have taken it all.
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