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If global warming doesn't get you, those bad, bad guns will. Liberals. Very Frightened People.
The more they attack him, the more I like him.
There is a difference between atheists and anti-theists. All anti-theists are atheists but not all atheists are anti-theists. Atheists deny the existence of any god. Anti-theists not only deny the existence any god but also believe that theism is harmful to society and must be countered to reduce its harm. Most atheists are like me, they don't believe in a god but they don't believe that a belief in a god is something crazy and harmful and must be fought against. You don't hear about people like that (me) because we don't pee our pants when we see a nativity seen or blow a blood vessel when we see the 10 commandments hanging in a courthouse. Anti-theists are the ones filing lawsuits, mocking believers, etc. People like me could simply not care less what you believe.
The chances of Jeb getting the GOP nomination are Slim and none - and Slim left town; however, he would make an excellent candidate as VP on a ticket with Shillary.
I'd like to think that Jeb has no chance, but then I'm reminded that Obama was elected - twice. Boehner is speaker of the house and he followed a clearly incompetent Nancy P. A crook named Harry is Senate majority leader and Sheila Jackson Lee has been elected and re-elected many times. I could go on, but it will only depress me more.
"...whether you believe or not, most americans want this immigration issue put to rest." Whether you believe it or not, most Americans are against amnesty. Claiming that we "can't" enforce the current laws is a cop out. We can enforce current laws by holding elected officials accountable. Your "plan" seems to be to simply acknowledge that we'll never get our elected government to work for us, so what the heck, just give up. Our founding fathers would be so proud.
Coming from someone who gets his news from MSNBC.com, that's pretty funny.
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The K Street President

Joe1864 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 5:39 PM
This is by far the crappiest website I've ever visited. Not that the editorials are bad, but the pop-up ads make it unusable. I don't think I've ever visited another website that had to deal with a pop up on virtually everything I tried to read. Bye bye TH. You're not the only conservative website, just the most annoying.
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