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Intellectuals and Race: Part II

Joe165 Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 1:52 PM
OK, fine, so Sowell may be too old to make a presidential bid. Or maybe since he is an intellectual and a writer, he is not so great at public speaking. But what if we had another candidate, and Sowell acted as his advisor and speech writer? I'm thinking about either Bobby Jindal or Condoleezza Rice?
Tionico Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 5:27 PM
no, we need a president who can think on his feet, has the values and insight of men like Sowell and Paul, is a good speaker... Jindal and Rice don't fit the bill.
rightmostofthetime Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 3:02 PM
Sowell isn't great at public speaking? You've obviously never heard him.

Editor's note: This is Part II in a series. Part I can be found here.

Once we recognize that large differences in achievement among races, nations and civilizations have been the rule, not the exception, throughout recorded history, there is at least some hope of rational thought -- and perhaps even some constructive efforts to help everyone advance.

Even such a British patriot as Winston Churchill said, "We owe London to Rome" -- an acknowledgement that Roman conquerors created Britain's most famous city, at a time when the ancient Britons were incapable of doing so themselves.

No one who...