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Vlanzi-It has been said, "There is no virtue among w_ores." With that fact before us, we consevatives look at Obama-Biden-Clinton-Carney-and all their media allies with sheer disgust. The most horrible fate we conservatives could ever imagine, would be that of being you, or any of the others who depend on Obama 2012 to compensate them for propagandizing for the liar-in chief. You are one sad, loser.
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Obama: Half-Black But All Democrat

Joe1626 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:45 PM
Vlanzi-All of your entries udescore the desperation obama democrats are drowning in. Nothing you write will accomplish what Obama 2012 has paid you to do. The proper thing to do, would be to return the money you did not earn to Obama 2012, but they've illegally seized their campaign funds from crony style treasury manipulation, and the money was not theirs in the first place. You wee a loser in 2008, you are a loser has feebly try to propagandize and you will be big loser on the morning of Nov 7.
AnkobiaJJM-I don't want to waste a lot of words. First, I have concluded that your name indicates that you are not competently knowledgeable about America or its' culture. Second, I sense that you are so stupid that it is very likely that you have no worhtwhile knowledge about anything except Islam.
DHE-Get serious. You've got a credibility problem. You offer Candy C. as innocent? Are you claiming that you don't know where she stands in the political spectrum? Do you think that she cleanses her daily performances of idealogical bias? And this humility thing. I wonder if you not the disgraceful humility that Obama has steeped our Middle East diplomacy in? Have you reached any conclusions about how Muslims have ceased their Jihad? Have you noticed how the Afghani "allies" are not killing our unarmed soldiers in their barracks (Soldiers turn their weapons in while in garrison as a safety measure)? Aside from Joe Biden, you may be one of the least astute people I've heard.
I've argued the same things. No one listens. I am reminded of the police department that I worked for. They adopted the liberal encouraged position that if a person is smart enough to vote, they were somehow good police officer material. They hired a quantity of applicants in the age range 19 to21. Only a tiny fraction survived to become long term or career police officers. It was simple pandering to their demographic and it was unfair to the kids, the public that they inadequately served and the taxpayer , who is always left holding the bag.
You 've capabley exposed an Obama/democrat calculation that has been hiding in plain sight. Thanks
Soon enough, that last goldden goose was slain. Then, the Morlocks began to consume the "little people". Their new victims, in all of their ignorance , were shocked and terrified. But the disguised Morlocks(democrats) assured them that they were actually wealthy and needed to simply be more agreeable to their inevitable fates. Grace-Are you a Morlock?
Grace-Dan and Happy Jake have explained it well enough. I know that they no longer tell the chioldrens' tales that had good, conservative, messages. Perhaps it was the universities that made them unpopular as the first step towards accomplishing their "great paradise commune?" Anyway, there was once this golden goose. In fact, America had more golden geese that any other place in the world. One by one, the Morlocks emerged from their undergound haunts to slay these geese before our very eyes. Our smart people (Who were actually Morlocks disguised as democrats) told us that the Morlocks loved the "liitle people" (Americans) and were saving them from the horrible golden geese who had led them into undeserved affluence. cont'd
They must make the choice to grow up or die. I'll be watching.
These young who will vote Obama if they are not allowed to fry their brains on a variety of substances might want to consider this: If they put Obama in charge for four more years, they will never rise above the baement of their parents house. And when they do (At the death of their parents) they will all need to be comptent farmers to grow their own marujuana (Because there will be no international worth of American currency left) and they will need to agree to live dangerously, by keeping their private meth labs to satisfy their needs as their manufacturing neighbor will not bother producing the product for worthless money either. I am afraid they are faced with the most horrible fear to confront young Americans/democrats. cont'd
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The DNC As I Saw It

Joe1626 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 6:30 PM
nyc-you are just wierd. It is hard to believe that Obama 2012 is paying creeps like you to come here and virtually admit how hopeless the democrat party is.
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