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Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney: 10 Big Differences Going "Forward"

Joe1626 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 10:02 AM
Grace-Dan and Happy Jake have explained it well enough. I know that they no longer tell the chioldrens' tales that had good, conservative, messages. Perhaps it was the universities that made them unpopular as the first step towards accomplishing their "great paradise commune?" Anyway, there was once this golden goose. In fact, America had more golden geese that any other place in the world. One by one, the Morlocks emerged from their undergound haunts to slay these geese before our very eyes. Our smart people (Who were actually Morlocks disguised as democrats) told us that the Morlocks loved the "liitle people" (Americans) and were saving them from the horrible golden geese who had led them into undeserved affluence. cont'd

Forward is not a destination. If you'd asked Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or their supporters if they were taking their nations forward, they'd have undoubtedly said "yes." Mussolini? Forward. Napoleon? Forward. Genghis Khan? Forward. Of course, Churchill, Thatcher, and Reagan would have said "forward" as well. So, that's why it's important to ask what difference it would make if we go forward for four years under Mitt Romney as opposed to going forward for another four years under Barack Obama.

1) Mitt Romney would try to reduce tax rates for the wealthy and corporations to spur economic growth. On the...

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