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Obama's Corporate Fool

Joe1592 Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 12:01 PM
Mis-allocation of resources is the hallmark of Obama's administration. Of course, the rewarding of one's supporters with unlimited tax money is a proven way to get votes, and BHO certainly excels in that. The mindless people who helped put him in power will, mostly, suffer from the results along with us who opposed him.

“Jim Jett always used to say that his brother was the damndest scoundrel that was ever borne,” drawled Abraham Lincoln, “but by the infinite mercy of providence he was also the damndest fool.”

Jeffrey Immelt, the modern version of Jim Jett’s brother and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, should be fired.

Actually, if it’s possible, he should be fired twice: once because he’s a scoundrel and another time because he’s a fool.

As a fool and as a scoundrel, the guy has wonderful timing; timing that can only be attributed to the vast Left-Wing conspiracy that aims...