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White House Defends Immigration Actions

Joe1592 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 9:35 PM
Let's see if I have this straight. Obama invites, directly or otherwise, hordes of children from Central America to come to the USA. This provokes thousands of new illegal immigrants to invade our Southern border. Obama busses thousands of them to other parts of the country, to "ease the conditions in TX." Some places, like Murrieta CA, repeatedly refuse to accept them. Obama needs more money to care for them. He will ask Congress for millions of dollars (or is it billions?) to handle them. Congress will be pressured to approve it, because "it's for the children." But most of the money will no doubt be channeled to Obama's supporters, and no improvement in border enforcement can be expected. Meanwhile, Obama's EPA is going to spend billions of dollars to require expensive and wasteful steps to "reduce carbon dioxide" in the atmosphere. By this time anyone but an idiot or a Democrat (I know, I repeat myself) knows that the global warming alarmists are not supported by true science, only by scientists who want to keep their job, or grant, by keeping alarmism alive. I say take the money from the EPA and enforce border security with that!
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The Muddy Mississippi Race

Joe1592 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 11:27 AM
What law or Rule prevents McDaniel from mounting a write-in campaign? It worked for Murkowski in Alaska. Are their different rules for the House than there are for the Senate? As for the counties who illegally refuse to allow the election results to be examined, that's a legal matter that should be addressed. Having one Party's Primary on one date and the other Party's about 3 weeks later just begs for illegalities like someone voting in both. Likely there are over 7,000 somebodies who did it, but like true Democrats, the establishment RINOs will do their best to hide the facts. Living in "interesting times" sure has its downside!
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It’s Real: GlobalChange.Gov

Joe1592 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 11:40 AM
Hey, Dawg, what you wrote are the REAL inconvenient truths regarding Algore's claims. But as long as Democrats keep proposing and executing inane laws to reduce carbon dioxide, we'll continue to throw money down a rat hole.
Beautiful! That's about where we are.
We have learned that both Obama and Susan Rice can be depended upon - to lie through their teeth! So whatever they may say, it shouldn't surprise or upset anyone with their eyes open.
All the coal-killing laws in the world won't have any discernible effect on global warming/climate change. Scientists have proved that warmer climates cause increased carbon dioxide, not the other way around. But Obama likes the previous bought-and-paid-for opinion, as it supports his notion that the USA needs to be taken down. And it makes no difference, as higher carbon dioxide levels improve agriculture and life on earth in general.
Now we call them Presidents.
Right. That's why BHO keeps them supplied with ObamaPhones, refills their debit cards, and encourages them to get fraudulent tax refunds, so they won't think.
If the statistics on blacks voting heavily for Democrats/socialists/communists are correct, then Obama may be right - they ARE too stupid to understand.
Not to mention that her party is the ACCUSED!
I'm sure they can find a replacement speaker who won't rock the boat - someone like Moochelle, or Pelosi. What a shame!
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