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The TV ads favoring Washington State's Initiative 594 ran for weeks before ads for I-591 began running. The I-594 ads were extremely emotional in content and played to the bogus claim that background checks for every transfer of a firearm would have prevented killings. The common-sense ads for I-591 were brief and matter-of-fact, favoring nothing more stringent than the federal regulations. But with millions from the Microsoft billionaires and Bloomberg, emotion and repetition carried the day. Now WA Governor Insley, an old buddy of Obama's, is ready to saddle WA with a cap and trade measure "to clean up the air." Not by cleaning the air, but most likely requiring carbon credits to be purchased from Al Gore's company. That won't clean the air, but it will cost a lot of money from businesses.
Try thrice.
You're exactly RIGHT! As anyone who has taken Hillsdale College's Constitution courses on-line has learned, the Constitution is not obsolete, and its safeguards were made timeless, because they address the baser tendencies of HUMANS, not the state of technology or other THINGS. Obama and the "Democrat" Party have proved beyond doubt that the Founders were right, and out Constitution cannot endure long if Godlessness, deterioration of the Family, and lack of moral values take over. The "Democrats" of the past many years have done more to destroy those attributes than anything else. That is Obama's duty, and he won't be persuaded by all the petitions in the world to change course. The next Congress must understand that if anything to recapture our Constitutional Republic is possible. Very few people, especially those in leadership, don't understand that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens results in less crime. But this Professor (ugh) will use the emotional but flawed reasoning in order to disarm citizens so Obama can take over with force against the populace and not have serious losses.
There is very little reason to expect Boehner or McConnell to do any better in opposing Obama's goals now than in the past 6 years. Both of these mug-wumps are more interested in the status quo than doing what is needed to reverse course and free the nation of socialism, Islam, and terrorists, and return to the Rule of Law.
The Republican Party must make significant attempts to improve the economy, military preparedness, and reduce the growth of government, AND GIVE THOSE ATTEMPTS MAXIMUM PUBLICITY, despite the likelihood of frequent vetoes. With the proper cultivating of Democrats who may lose their jobs in 2 years, it might even produce enough votes to overturn those vetoes. If this isn't done with vigor, the voters are likely to lose their new-found faith in the Republican Party to function. Getting rid of Boehner and McConnell as party leaders would greatly enhance these attempts, since both of these RINOs have repeatedly proven their lack of backbone.
I expect Boehner to slow down or stop anything that will undo Obama's evil deeds. And I doubt that Mitch will anything different. They are both addicted to what they've had and aren't likely to offend their compatriots. They both need to be replaced.
That's what happens to people who hitch their wagons to a falling star. How could they tell it was falling? By using logic and knowledge of economics. Nothing else could have happened.
If it hasn't happened by now, it isn't likely to happen later. We have become so conditioned that Congress won't do it. We've still got Boehner and Mitch, and they still want to wage war on conservatives, even if they won the Senate and bigger % of the House because of conservatives. They learn very slowly. Both of them need to be replaced. Mitch should have been ousted by Grimes, and we still would have got control - that would have been a good trade.
Boehner and McConnell and other leadership "elites" have openly declared war on conservatives, even while they call themselves "conservative." These RINOs and others have split away from Republican beliefs, because they like the benefits of office and don't support their own platform. Conservative voters don't vote for them unless they don't realize what they really are. Just like most (hopefully) of the Democrats don't realize that their Party has been taken over by socialists, Marxists, and now Muslims, they continue to vote for the very democrats who support the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Just this month, three Democrat state legislators gave a news story to the papers that they recommend voting against a gun registration initiative because it gives the government unwarranted powers to intrude in the lives of citizens. These legislators have never questioned any legislation sponsored by the Democrat Party. They are now talking more like Republicans. This is a good sign, better late than never.
Noah Wylie (the actor who brought tears to the eyes of polar bear lovers when he stated - not predicted - on TV that they would drown in a sea of no icebergs) has been noticeably silent in the past few years about that statement. As an actor, he probably figures his performance need not have anything to do with reality, just like all actors' roles.
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