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Real Clear Markets makes a convincing point. The law of supply and demand will influence events, even under a totalitarian regime. If government ordered grain to be sold at 10% of its value to consumers, we'd all be eating a lot of grain - until nobody would produce it any more. But if government subsidized the price of grain 90% to consumers, we'd be eating it with every meal, and more farmers would be producing more grain - until the country went bankrupt. The fact that colleges have more applicants than they can handle should result in a higher quality of applicant. But government (just as it did with home loan applicants) required that colleges admit lower quality applicants (to be fair?). Since there was easy money from grants, student loans, etc., especially to less-qualified applicants, students who were not committed to earning an education took up classroom space, created demand for more support employees, but ended up having a higher dropout rate. What else could we expect? And now with decreased numbers of jobs awaiting greater numbers of graduates, many with degrees that have fewer applications in the business world, those student loans are not being repaid, just like the home loans after 2007. Does there seem to be any pattern here???
You bet it has something to do with RACISM! It's because Obama is the worst RACIST who has ever held public office.
If Obama is allowed to continue with his Executive Orders, we'll likely see a billion dollars for a study of how to diminish sun spots using thermonuclear power, and then do it, thus decrease the warming power of the sun. That ought to put the final touches on our economic collapse, bring on another ice age, and deliver the U,S. into U.N. control. An unfettered Obama is already proving to be a serious problem.
The problem with the Republican Party is that the elite leadership has abandoned the traditional party tenets of smaller government, lower spending, and defending the rule of law and the Constitution. The Tea Party and other conservatives are trying to preserve those traditional Republican values, and the reaction is like the State of Arizona getting sued by the federal government for daring to enforce laws that are the same as the federal laws. Republican "leadership" hasn't yet sued the Tea Party, but it has declared war on them and is competing with them to run their style of RINOs for vacating offices. The main difference between the Republicans and the Democrats today is that many Republicans want their traditional values upheld, while there are few Democrats who are speaking out against the socialist party that the Democrats have become.
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Is it Finally Over for Obama?

Joe1592 Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 11:54 AM
That would be urban renewal we could all live with!
The praising article is filled with more BS than even Obama is. We have no idea how much Obama has spent "off the books," sending billions to the Muslim Brotherhood and other favorites. We'll never know how many terrorists he has allowed, even encouraged, to enter the country, and what damage and killing they will do. The only people who could possibly say Obama has done a great job are those who are dedicated Marxists/communists who also want the nation to collapse. The only remarkable thing he has done is to nearly (so far) succeed in doing what Japan, Germany, China, and Russia have tried unsuccessfully to do. For the effect he has had on the nation that served so well for centuries, there has never been a more disastrous President, and there probably never will be. The damage he has done to our military cannot be calculated, but if you measure success by how he is molding it into a gay organization willing to fire upon its own citizens to further Obama's goals, you could say it's successful for that, but it will be useless to fight a regular war against a regular enemy, of which there are several.
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What Has Ryan Wrought?

Joe1592 Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 12:33 PM
A conservative is pretty much the opposite of a liberal. The Tea Party groups are a subset of conservatives, and the GOP "elites" would love to get them out of the GOP. But that would leave the GOP being nothing but Democrat-lights, and a strong third party made up of conservatives would soon do them in. It would be much more efficient if the Old Guard would hang up their spurs, write their memoirs, and let the conservatives run the Party without interference. The way we're going, with Republican internal feuding, name-calling, and lots of wasted money, the Democrats (O.K., the socialists and communists) are strengthening their positions and spinning everything that's happening to their own benefit.
This is one time in history that natural selection ought to be allowed to work things out. Our taxpayers have sent enough dollars into the money pit of fighting drug use, with negative results. Some people are going to do dumb things, and there's no point in declaring more war on the process. Just treat the results and call it done.
In a perfect world, at least...
On the contrary, that's the most logical and soundest recommendation that could be made. The law of supply and demand isn't just a slogan somebody manufactured, it's the natural law of economics (absent government-sponsored monopoly). On what basis do you denigrate the advice?
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