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What About Biden: Is America’s V.P. Ready To Lead?

Joe147 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 8:41 AM
Biden isn't fit to collect garbage. He is very good at spewing it. While most VP's had some sort of gravitas, Biden has none. He has been proven to be a serial plagarizer, a man who, by his own words, never held a "real job", a man who couldn't even be a good representative of the "Hair Club for Men". His nickname in the Senate was "Mr MBNA" after the bank based in Del. who owned the Senator and his votes.

The Republican convention ends. The polls tighten. Romney visits storm-ravaged Louisiana. President Obama visits military families in Texas.

And then the American news media was disrupted with this wacky little headline: “Biden Does Retail Politics, Kisses Supporter On Lips.”

Last Friday afternoon, in the midst of all the other important things going on in the world, Vice President Joseph Biden made a “surprise” campaign stop in Canfield, Ohio. Standing around greeting attendees at the annual Canfield Fair, Biden served-up his usual repertoire of everyday-guy quips and goofy-uncle type witticism. According to one reporter he shook hands with a...