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Their War, Not Ours

Joe 145 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 8:17 AM
For once, I tend to agree. Things can CHANGE, however. We need to keep an eye on Syria. The problem is, the war in Syria is actually a part of a much larger war. The "Arab Spring" is all part of a natural movement of representation for the entire area. The problem is, Islamic law and government is more popular than anything else. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia all have elected Islamic governments. Not to mention Gaza voting for HAMAS. This 'Democracy' is not like we know. Once in, Islam does not allow for a change of government. The penalty for leaving Islam is death. It is truly a one-way street. And this war is upon us. We fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep the war 'over there'. This is not the case anymore. We can expect more attacks...