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The Vacuum of Leadership

Joe 145 Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 7:22 AM
We elect people like us. As much as I dislike President Obama and his policies, we did choose him and just might do it again.
Cepat2 Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 9:17 AM
I respectfully disagree. We quite often elect people according to our hopes to be better than we are. We are, therefore, occasionally bamboozled and flim flammed by a huckster who is heavily enabled by a self deceived press corp. Thus our current occupant of the White House was elevated far beyond his abilities to do anything more than posture, pose, and speechify. "Il Duce returns" should be the theme of this administration - except the trains don't run on time. We MUST vote the Dear Leader out of office, along with the congressfolks that helped put him there. There is no other way.

It was left to the Supreme Court of the United States last week to take on the immigration issue, since the other branches of the federal government have largely ignored it. For years.

Yes, there's been a lot of rhetoric about it all around, even a stopgap here and there when this chronic crisis becomes acute. But no clear, comprehensive solution or even much progress toward it.

Even the best-intentioned proposals never seem to gain much traction, and soon fade away in all the politics the subject invites. And the emotion it inspires.

Like so many problems...