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Supreme Court to Hear Voting Rights Challenge: Constitutional Clash of Titans

Joe 145 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 9:10 AM
Once the government gets it's hands into or on something, it is hard as hell to get it out. Just look at Social Security. Heck, the TVA is still around! And costing money.

In late February, the United States Supreme Court will consider a case that invokes American history, constitutional meaning, and the realities of present-day voting in a large portion of our nation. Shelby County, Alabama has challenged the proper scope of key enforcement provisions of the Voting Rights Act – and though pundits are making this case racially charged, it is far more a question of the power of federal versus state governments under the Constitution.

Shelby County, Alabama is a bustling suburban county near Birmingham. It’s a remarkable, growing community, like thousands of similar communities all across America.

Yet Shelby County,...