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Nightmare Scenarios for Obama's 2nd Term

Joe 145 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 8:44 AM
Progressives and BIG wars go together. Since the U.S. Civil War, they are 5-0. And we are the war mongers? I also expect a large war to result from all of this. After all, when resources become scarce, what resource is plentiful? Men. Besides, when their is not enough to go around, they what else can you do except fight.

Last week I was interviewed by Constantine von Hoffman for a CBS news article on regarding economic nightmares for Obama's 2nd term.

Calculated Risk was interviewed as well. His nightmare scenario is war, specifically noting the rise of Golden Dawn.

Eight people were interviewed for the CBS article but the organization was maddening. Specifically, there is no way to see all 8 viewpoints of people interviewed at once. You have to click through pages one at...