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Let the Democrats Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Joe 145 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 7:05 AM
I wonder how many Americans are listening? It is not like we did not know what we are getting when we re-elected President Obama. You are right of course, we need to fight. The 2nd term for Presidents do not go as well as the first term and in order to save our country, we need to stop him in his tracks. I just do not see enough Americans wanting to do this, but we need to do it anyway. "Because it is the right thing to do".

For the liberal establishment, “political courage” means a politician spitting in the face of his conservative constituents. The President’s gun proposals demand such political courage, and we conservatives ought to be all for it.

There are people who really believe President Barack Obama is some sort of cunning political grand-master, plotting out the checkmate ten moves ahead of his plodding opponents. Nonsense. He’s actually President Peter Principle, failing ever upward thanks to the disarray of his opponents.

Just when you think he might be clever enough to score his cheap points off of Newtown and turn back to beating the hapless...