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All that Ammo

Joe 145 Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 9:48 AM
This is only part of the reason why ammo is so hard to find right now. Most states (I know only of Illinois as being the exception) have conceal and carry. Most of the new applicants are women. Naturally, they need training, so practice shooting is way up. I have a hard time getting into my usual range because it is so crowded these day. So demand for ammo is up. Not to mention that whenever you have a shortage of just about anything, people will hoard. Add these up and we have a very tight market for ammo.

An enraged Barack Obama lashed out at Congress and "willing liars" who defeated efforts to expand federal gun control laws. Obama and Joe Biden spent weeks – and millions of taxpayer dollars – campaigning for a federal registry of gun owners, ban on entire classes of firearms, and capacity limits for magazines and clips.

But, at the same time that Obama was trying to limit or deny the rights of citizens, the government was loading up – literally – in an unprecedented way, including 174,000 hollow-point bullets for the Social Security...