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Give them a state? It hasn't hit you yet that the State the Palestinians want is all of Israel? Why didn't the Egyptians and Jordanians give the Palestinians a State when they controlled these lands from 1948-1967? These are supposed to be Arab brothers and sisters!!!
Wow, what an absolute take down of CNN. Only thing I'd change is an even more direct and yes personal attack of Erin Burnett. Question her journalistic bias to her face. Ask her point blank: Erin why hasn't CNN reported what the UN General said? Make it personal. Ask her why SHE thinks CNN hasn't reported what the UN General said?
Eleanor Clift is a disgusting human being.
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The Legacy of Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt

Joe1214 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 12:22 PM
The entire story of Auntie Zeituni is outrageous but let me add to it. Barack Obama had an aunt living off the tax payer for years. What did he do to help out his aunt or the taxpayer? NOTHING! We have to remember that Obama is a multimillionaire as a result of writing two books about himself. Does he help with his Aunt's immigration status or offer to repay taxpayers for her illegal existence in Boston? NOPE! I'm telly ya, you can't make up this stuff up. The man is a disgrace!
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