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What is Responsibility Anymore?

Jobe Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 2:16 PM
If liberals are thoughtful, and they always claim that they are, how can they ignore the purchase of votes that obama called a "stimulus"? How can they ignore the FACT that squeezing small busingess for more tax money is killing the job market? How can they ignore the multiple vacations that obama and his family take, and that we pay for? How can they ignore the obvious racism of a justice department that selectively enforces the law, exempting black thugs while fostering the butchering of Mexicans with their 'fast and furious' scheme to quash the 2nd ammendment? How can they ignore the hiding of ALL academic records after they bellowed loud and long that President Bush was 'stupid'? All of these things have to be ignored for anyone to
Jobe Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 2:19 PM
support the re-election of this most tragic mistake in the electoral history of the nation. In fact, I cannot even get any of my liberal colleagues to discuss politics any more. They cannot defend all of this, and it is my fervent hope that when they find themselves alone in that voting booth, they will do the right thing and rid the country of this sleazy would-be dictator.
Watching the Sunday talk shows, I heard "responsibility rewarded" as the catch phrase from everyone tied to the administration and reelection effort. I got up around 7AM after about five hours of sleep to get a jump on work and to have some family time later. It was sickening to listen to Axelrod & Co suggest that it's people like me that are sucking out oxygen in the economy and that those that woke up much later Sunday morning are some kind of unsung heroes deserving more of my earnings. It was downright despicable to suggest that the nation with the...