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Great: US Will Pay More for Canadian Oil Due To Keystone Decision

Jobe Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 1:23 PM
Do your "progressive" friends ever allude to all the money Warren Buffet is making from hauling crude oil on his railroads? I'm sure this was a large component of obama's decision. I do believe that another component was his adherance to his desire to make gasoline cost us 8 to 10 dollars per gallon. You see, obama and his ilk know that other people will always pay their way. They will never be subject to the strictures with which they bind others. This is all part of being the "elite". They are better than we are, thus they deserve our fealty. obama and his compatriots would have been great in the age of feudalism, provided that they were not the ones who had to work for a living. obama has NEVER had a job that produced.

Ideological decisions have consequences (via Hot Air):

Even if President Barack Obama approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline tomorrow, at least some Canadian oil would still flow to Asia, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In an interview...Harper said Obama's rejection of the controversial pipeline -- even temporarily -- stressed Canada's need to find other buyers for oilsands crude. And that wouldn't change even if the president's mind did.

"Look, the very fact that a 'no' could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets," Harper...