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Who cares what that useless pustule says. His position as Obama's buttboy is secure. If he doesn't learn to control his pie hole someone might shove a fist down his throat.
In answer to the somewhat rhetorical question,"Who would continue to support and to vote for Wendy Davis?", it has been my experience that hard left voters will vote hard left even if the candidate in question is Charles Manson. These logic defyers will stay with their program no matter what. They are as committed to leftism as was Mao, Pol Pot, and Lenin himself. They cannot be swayed by logic, statistics, moral imperatives, or what happens before their very eyes. They are immune to reason basing all of their conclusions on flawed thinking and their own emotional mental swamp. Arguing with them is futile, proving things to them is impossible, and they will never change.
I believe that we are experiencing a kind of mass Emperor's New Clothes period in our history. These people, e.g. the Clintons, obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Ayres, etc. have stood out there and we have been inundated with the hosannas that the press, TV, and Hollywood have heaped upon them. They have no particular talents, no particular intelligence, and certainly no particular claim to high morality. Most of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers are as trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, as competent and morally upright as any of these elite that the media have held out there for us to worship. Voting has become a roll of the dice. Will a good one be elected? Probably not because a good one would choose not to run. Sometimes I think that no one who wants to hold an office should ever be permitted to hold it. Only someone who needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into it should be placed there.
If Mr. Hannity wants to waste his airtime with guests like Mr. Morgan, that is his right. I, however, couldn't care less what Mr. Morgan thinks about ANY subject. His concurrence with Hannity on the anti-American behavior of our anti-American president comes much later than it should have. If Mr. Morgan wants the public to believe that he is an INTELLIGENT commentator on the American government and its poisonous leader, he should have spoken up years ago when it might have mattered. As it is now, we are swirling the bowl thanks to all of those obama worshiping slugs who ignored mountains of evidence of obama's unfitness for any office at all, even dog catcher.
But they ARE trying to answer it. The answer is simple. Their "disagreement" with the muslims who want to kill us is not strong enough for them to act, just as the dislike of Hitler among the "good Germans" wasn't strong enough for them to act. It is unfortunate that it is so, but that is it. Appealing to those "peaceful" muslims will not save our civilization, nor will it protect our lives.
This schnook, Affleck, is so stupid that he doesn't know that he will be one of the first to be eliminated by these "peaceful" muslims when they establish their sharia law. You have to love these hollywood jackasses. They make so much money for doing so little that they cannot function in normal situations.
Obama is the worst disaster to happen to this country since Pearl Harbor. His terms in office have spawned grief that might never be able to be assuaged. What he has done to the nation, that is, he and the rest of the leftist anti-Americans in the congress and in the voting booths cannot be overestimated. All great nations rot from within and obama is the infection in this one.
How delusional is this horse's hind end? Truly, there really are "none so blind as those who will not see". The entire world is crumbling, the economy is swirling the bowl, more people are out of work, more people are on government assistance than ever before. The military is becoming less and less able to defend the nation, the list of enemies grows almost exponentially, and he is optimistic about his presidency. The only way that his reign can be considered a success is if he is trying to destroy the country. This is one vile muslim that the left has elected twice.
And Joe, being a "devout Catholic" is of course a dynamic opponent of abortion. Oh, he's not? Well, I must say, I'm a Roman Catholic and last time I checked, we in the Mystical Body of Christ were opposed to abortion because we view it as murder. I missed Joe's election to the Holy See.
I hadn't heard much from vice president hair plugs lately. By the way, if you are sure that you actually are "equal", you PROBABLY DON'T NEED AN EQUALITY DAY TO CELEBRATE THAT WHICH YOU ALREADY POSSESS.
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