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Obama is the worst disaster to happen to this country since Pearl Harbor. His terms in office have spawned grief that might never be able to be assuaged. What he has done to the nation, that is, he and the rest of the leftist anti-Americans in the congress and in the voting booths cannot be overestimated. All great nations rot from within and obama is the infection in this one.
How delusional is this horse's hind end? Truly, there really are "none so blind as those who will not see". The entire world is crumbling, the economy is swirling the bowl, more people are out of work, more people are on government assistance than ever before. The military is becoming less and less able to defend the nation, the list of enemies grows almost exponentially, and he is optimistic about his presidency. The only way that his reign can be considered a success is if he is trying to destroy the country. This is one vile muslim that the left has elected twice.
And Joe, being a "devout Catholic" is of course a dynamic opponent of abortion. Oh, he's not? Well, I must say, I'm a Roman Catholic and last time I checked, we in the Mystical Body of Christ were opposed to abortion because we view it as murder. I missed Joe's election to the Holy See.
I hadn't heard much from vice president hair plugs lately. By the way, if you are sure that you actually are "equal", you PROBABLY DON'T NEED AN EQUALITY DAY TO CELEBRATE THAT WHICH YOU ALREADY POSSESS.
I thought the "Wobblies" kind of disappeared from the USA after the thirties when they were categorically rejected by Americans. Now we have this ridiculous horse's hind end trying to resurrect the dead stupidity for which they stood.
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The Petulant President

Jobe Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 12:49 PM
I'm sorry that I feel compelled to write this, however, it is time to understand that it is true. The country I was born into, was raised into, and looked forward to eventually dying into is gone. It isn't coming back. It has been killed by a combination of scum such as Obama and Reid along with a host of other walking cow pies deeply invested in destroying the nation. If, in the near future, one of the states has enough support and some courageous political people to stand up and defy the federal dictatorship that Obama is in the process of finalizing thanks to low information voters, selfishly lazy non- productive types, and most guilty of all, the mainstream media and somehow the military can be induced to support their efforts, there is a chance that the nation can recover. But I wouldn't bet on it!
If 45 years of teaching "language arts" has taught me anything, it is that the willful blindness of liberals has poisoned this nation and placed it on the brink of destruction.
I do not march in lockstep with Rush Limbaugh, but his assessment of the Washington congressional situation is probably the most accurate that I have heard of read in quite some time. He says that Republican, Democrat, the distinction in Washington is meaningless. The only real opponents to the massive dictatorial federal government is what we often refer to as the Tea Party. House and Senate Republicans are hand in glove (somewhat surreptitiously) with the Democrats and are every bit as much a danger to our individual freedom as those Democrats. I do not think that there is a nickel's worth of difference between a run of the mill Democrat and a run of the mill Republican. What is needed is one or two states to rise up and refuse to do the federally ordered freedom grabs which we have become so familiar and start a revolution that might very well become an armed insurrection. I know, I know, this sounds crazy, but how else can the country be righted?
He's lazy, incompetent, arrogant, cheap, dishonest, evasive, and these are his better qualities. The fact that he is black (half) has nothing to do with the wreckage he has left in his greedy wake. I detest him and all of the lemmings who support him. I hope that they follow him into hell.
If I were to write a text book on early 21st century history, this would be included in my discussion and explication of the phenomenon of "cognitive dissonance". This nut case, the senator from Virginia is someone we need to check out, to keep away from sharp instruments, and make sure that he gets individual sheltered workshop attention.
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