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Are you daft? Of course blacks blame whites for whatever is wrong in their lives. Why else would a solid block of more than 90% of black voters vote strictly democrat and strictly SKIN COLOR? You had better stop studying lollipops and rainbows and reading Pollyanna before some semi runs you over.
Headline: Black Voters Go In The Tank For Democrats. . . . This could have run on the front page of every paper published and printed for the last 70 years. Are these people EVER going to learn, or will they continue to be Lucy while the democrat party does its Charley Brown holding the football impression?
So, what you see when you look at these pictures is "criticism"? Here is some criticism for you: You, sir, are a fool.
If these slugs posing as "feminists" are really asking the question whether little girls dressed in pink and spouting gutter language such as the notorious "F" word, is more offensive that some cobbled together phony statistics about rape (1 in 5) and pay for the same work as males (only 23%), then let me answer it. YES THE PINK FOUL MOUTHS are way past offensive. The feminists exploitation of these little girls is more humorous than it is embarrassing. If I thought that they were intelligent enough to understand, I would point out the IRONY of what they are doing. They aren't so, I won't.
I see a picture of Tim Ryan, congressman from the Mahoning valley in Northeastern Ohio (Youngstown/Warren/Niles). These people are so stupid that they continue to send him back to Washington over and over again. He has done NOTHING for this blighted area, but like any other one party pocket of government, the democrat party rules supreme here. They are getting what they vote for, like the blacks who continue to vote solidly for the party that has kept them on the plantation for more than 50 years. It almost makes one chuckle, and I would if it weren't so serious.
At which school was obama a C student? I haven't been able to get a single crumb of information on his reportedly illustrious academic career. In fact, I wonder what would happen if we were to challenge him to release his academic records as so many others (Bush, Romney, etc.) have already done.
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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

Jobe Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 10:48 AM
I can just picture you as a small child caught by Mommy with your hand in the cookie jar, yelling that your brother, "He did it too!" Oh, and remember Groucho Marx in his old TV show You Bet Your Life? "Say the secret word and the duck will come down and give you 50 dollars". Your secret word must be Halliburton. C'mon fella. Let it go.
Who cares what that useless pustule says. His position as Obama's buttboy is secure. If he doesn't learn to control his pie hole someone might shove a fist down his throat.
In answer to the somewhat rhetorical question,"Who would continue to support and to vote for Wendy Davis?", it has been my experience that hard left voters will vote hard left even if the candidate in question is Charles Manson. These logic defyers will stay with their program no matter what. They are as committed to leftism as was Mao, Pol Pot, and Lenin himself. They cannot be swayed by logic, statistics, moral imperatives, or what happens before their very eyes. They are immune to reason basing all of their conclusions on flawed thinking and their own emotional mental swamp. Arguing with them is futile, proving things to them is impossible, and they will never change.
I believe that we are experiencing a kind of mass Emperor's New Clothes period in our history. These people, e.g. the Clintons, obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Ayres, etc. have stood out there and we have been inundated with the hosannas that the press, TV, and Hollywood have heaped upon them. They have no particular talents, no particular intelligence, and certainly no particular claim to high morality. Most of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers are as trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, as competent and morally upright as any of these elite that the media have held out there for us to worship. Voting has become a roll of the dice. Will a good one be elected? Probably not because a good one would choose not to run. Sometimes I think that no one who wants to hold an office should ever be permitted to hold it. Only someone who needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into it should be placed there.
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