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Nothing that Josef Goebbels wrote, said, or did during the ascendancy of the Nazi party is any more flagrantly propagandistic than what the so-called "MSM" is putting out for this criminally corrupt administration. America is swirling the bowl and these "news" people are pulling the chain.
So you want Division I athletes to remain "students" do you? Well, then, stop the dictatorial self aggrandizing NCAA from using them for its own advancement. I still remember when Lou Holtz was cited by the NCAA for giving one of his players plane fare to return home for the funeral of the player's mother. Like the IRS, the NCAA has a rule book that allows it to find something wrong in virtually every case that it investigates. It is a tyrannical operation which moves first and only for its own benefit.
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The Problem Is Liberalism, Not Racism

Jobe Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 2:57 PM
My Lord son, are you daft? If these statistics and numbers cited by Ryan and Ms. Parker haven't awakened you to the mammoth problem that these liberals (democrats and republicans both) have created, there is no sense helping you. You are beyond help intellectually. Your refusal to look at the avalanche of evidence that liberalism is destroying the country makes you someone who is a part of the problem.
Give it up, chum. Wrong website, wrong audience.
Hey genius, you are making his point. If you are successful, and I am assuming that you are, you are a good example of what Mr. Schlichter is saying. As for you being a liberal democrat, Mr. Schlichter did not touch on IQ, but if you haven't figured out the truth in all that he wrote above, yours must be mighty low.
Of course there is! Even if it is doomed to die for want of enough votes to carry it through, the ouster of obama should be presented. To despair of doing the right thing because it has virtually no chance to succeed is not what heroes do.
My question: When will someone in congress step up and at least TRY to stop this criminal trasher of the Constitution and the rule of law? One need not have a law degree to observe the arrogant violations of just about every thing that has been a government of, by and for the people. I find it hard to believe that we cannot, as a nation, produce even ONE hero to stop this megalomaniac from trashing our country.
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Obama Calls Russia a Weak "Regional Power"

Jobe Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 9:35 AM
I think obama is very perceptive. He and his idol, Neville Chamberlain, both have distinguished themselves by recognizing that Nazi Germany and Russia are merely causing some "regional" mischief and we should not worry about it. What a tool this whackadoodle obama is.
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Bullies Rule

Jobe Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 9:10 AM
And people wonder why we cannot get tort reform at ANY level. I have always maintained that a combination of reworking the laws to allow interstate sales of all types of insurance coupled with reasonable tort reform would have kept medical costs down better than any other thing that government could do. I guess we'll never know because we live in a nation controlled by lawless lawyers.
Dear Dr. X: I am mightily impressed with your certainties vis a vis the political situation here in the U.S. You seem to have an opinion on just about every thing governmental. Why don't you peddle them in some place where you are not going to meet intelligent refutations of all of your faulty conclusions and stop burdening people who have a much better grasp of reality than your tenuous one?
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