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Dividend Payers in the S&P 500

joanne206 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 5:29 AM
Henry, you surely cannot be that dumb so it is you who must be filled with hatred. For myself I HATE no one but I certainly feel free to take umbrage at actions of an individual which are harmful to me and my country. AND, FOR SURE, it has nothing to do with race. I would have loved to see Allen West or Thomas Sowell, etc etc, as my President.

October 2012 marked a significant event for the S&P 500 - the first time since 1999 that there were more than 400 dividend paying companies in the index!

But what affects the number of companies that pay dividends?

To answer that question, we turned to Standard and Poor's Dividends and Payers report [Excel spreadsheet], which provides the data for the number of dividend paying companies in the S&P for each year since 1980. We've taken that data, combined it with some significant milestones and presented it in the chart below (which is...

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