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Isn't it already too late once the Ebola sickness is already in our country, most want the ban immediately from the African countries. Why would our sicko government be risking our lives with airport workers screening passengers? Because they don't care that we might be on a flight with an Ebola patient!
As usual the democraps are up to their usual tricks, using union money to gin up the so called "independent". At least we know who has all this money, coming from socialists listed below. Hope it backfires right in their faces.
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Democrats Tuning Out 2014 Elections

Joanne199 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 5:25 PM
Really, does FOX NEWS rant about a tingle up their leg for a president. Name the president FOX said that about!
President "good for nothing" will only do what he wants to do, notice he doesn't do much.
They continue to cover for him, this news will be shoved under the rug by most media, you could hear about it on FOX NEWS.
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Peace Protests, R.I.P.

Joanne199 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 4:07 PM
They only protest when republicans are in office.
Wow, what big shock, Obama just let in thousands of illegals, we have open borders. They'll use our schools and get welfare benefits. Anyone think there might be something wrong with country? Try this in another country and see what happens!
This might be a joke, people have enough of Obama and friends progressive nightmare, just about everything they've done has taken away America's values, this is all part of the disgusting Soros' plan. They want abortion, legalized pot, open borders, passed socialized medicine and they didn't even want God in their democrap convention. All part of the plan to turn our country into a third-world country.
This is what is representing the new Progressive liberal loons, they are all nuts, starting with their leader!
Like I always ask, why is Geraldo and Juan on FOX NEWS? They would both be much happier on MSNBC and many FOX watchers would be happier, too!
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