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Imagine if Cheney did this, the left hated him and would have made a big deal but the liberal media continues to ignore, it's called a dirty old man.
At least she can admit it but anyone can do a better job, they have no viewers.
Nothing this administration does would shock me, the whole bunch are progressive losers and incompetent.
Does anyone else think something is not in sync with our leader? Why else would anyone make these statements?
But who could believe anything coming from these monsters?
Thank you for your Rot in Hell statement, most Americans feel the same way. These men should not be released, they may be back to work on another tragedy like 9/11.
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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

Joanne199 Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 5:19 PM
Ted Cruz seems ready to run our country, he wants to bring our country back and stop the progressive path we're in with Obama. He is a total disaster and we need a leader. I pray for my grandchildren, what will be left if this destruction continues from the anti- American residing in our white house? Many good young conservatives in the republican party that are Real Conservatives.
They have to lie because the law stinks. Had nothing to do with healthcare, this is the people Obama surrounds himself with, all losers.
Well why does it matter, it's only our healthcare, a very personal part of our lives. It's called Mind over Matter, They Don't Mind and We Don't Matter. Thanks for this albatross you stuck us with.
No matter what, maybe we won't have to see Reid and Pelosi strutting around like they're in charge, two of Obama's minions that we've had to tolerate for six + years.
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