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So true. People do not think for themselves, and the left media (most of it) lures them with words that do not have the right meanings...such as "Choice," for abortion killing, and women's rights making the dim witted believe they cannot get an abortion if Mitt won. Now, the media has "guests" on The View, but I noticed last night on "Jay Leno," who sneak in lots of words to distract us that Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice LIED on purpose...when they start speaking in circles around a question asked, beware...then, the talk shows, etc. push it. Right now they are trying to make us believe our children and the second closest to poverty. I read the REAL statistics. Imagine showing our poor eating pizza which wasn't the best?
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Don’t Go Wobbly, GOP

JoAnne127 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 3:01 PM
True, and after the southern slaves were freed, they voted Republican, as was Lincoln...because they wanted to vote the opposit of their masters. Hardly any of the southern blacks know this. This election was won with Hollywood tactics, and snake charming.
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Why Mitt Lost and it Wasn’t Very Close

JoAnne127 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 12:08 PM
Some Guy, you definitely are NOT an idiot as "Birdbrain" below wrote. You are right. What no one seems to know, and I learned a long ago in TV, is the media does the voting, and Hollywood. A candidate must take an acting class next time. I'm stunned, and shocked by this crooked election, and it's going to take awhile for me to stabilize...can I sue? Esp. MSNBC, and Matthews who said "good thing we had Sandy Storm!" and poor Ambassador's relatives, and the rest of us who thank him along with the three others for giving their lives, and Obama IGNORING it, then Hillary lying about it. God help all the little babies who will not be born, and the next generation of food stamp addicts, not looking for jobs, that Mitt could create for them.
Of course! And, illegal, and dead...they all vote Democrat, same for guys who left women with babies to take care of, and get responsibility. My dad was Democrat (FDR) and there's no way he would take govt. funds without work, so he joined the military during the depression and got $60 a month, to feed us.
Well, years ago, I met a vet who coudn't get some sort of disability for some reason. He was on crutches. I picked him up in my car (not knowing any better) and offered to take him home. I'll never forget his name was Bob "White (because of the bird)...and he had me drop him off in a park in Waco. I know he was homeless, and just didn't know how to get the aid due him. There are good guys out there who need help, also.
I knew a woman who did the same thing. Her lawyer boyfriend told her not to work in the yard, or anywhere the public may see her because she could get filmed. She had me praying for her and said her breast implants made her ill. She got them taken out free. She entered a law suit vs. the company. She collected disability (said soft tissue damaged, no one can verify that, and her doctor friend said she was disabled, fibromyalgia). She borrowed money from me for the law suit. She once scrubbed her carpets by hand because she wanted them real clean. She won the suit, disappeared with a former boyfriend and never paid me back. I also know three other folks who said it is better to go on disability because they get more free things.
True, true, true....and the tax money we give to the govt. is generally wasted, like giving to a spoiled child who has never had to work.
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