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25 People, Places, And Things Liberals Love To Hate

JoAnne127 Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 12:15 PM
I had to laugh, you took the time...but, true, true, true. I'm so sick of being blackmailed...calling things "racism" which has nothing to do with race...saying we are "haters" of sin, when the libs know there is no such thing as "sin." We love the people, but are not going to embrace degradation. I would say they hate virtue, honesty, hard work, giving to the poor, instead of being made to, allowing God and right history of our Forefathers, and the Constitution being taught in school.

1) Guns for making all those poor innocent criminals break the law.

2) The old, dead white guys who founded America and their ridiculous, outdated Constitution that doesn't mention global warming or limits on soda size even once.

3) Nosy voters who ask questions like, "What kind of change?" and "Forward to where?"

4) Adorable little kids who want to run lemonade stands...WITHOUT A PERMIT!

5) The fact that Sarah Palin is the single best feminist role model in a generation while the Left's #1 feminist role model, Hillary Clinton, built her whole career around marrying the right guy.

6) Deciding...