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Time to Say Something Nice about Obamacare

Joanne125 Wrote: Jun 01, 2013 6:36 PM
Move on to What ? if the Governments in charge of health care, and it seem seems everything else, you might want to pray that you die in your sleep.. obama left the less of of the hope he was sprewing .. Folks if we don't vote these "liberals" O-U-T out we have the government we deserve .. We need GOD and the sooner the better ..

I’ve frequently argued that “third-party payer” is the main problem with the healthcare system. In simpler terms, this is the notion that a market won’t function very well if consumers think they’re spending someone else’s money.

Why be a careful consumer, after all, if someone else is picking up the tab?

This is a pervasive problem in the United States, thanks to government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare that account for nearly 50 percent of total healthcare spending.

But our...