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He wouldn't make it through the equipment line ..
Wonderfull speech .. haven't heard one that good since Reagan .. hope these grads can comprehend the notion that success is not given, but earned by hard work !
Another nin com poop running for congress ..
Who would have guessed that a Disney executive would be a obamazombie .. Walt must be rolling over in his grave ..
Now I see the Painful footage" looks like no one wants to be there >> Must be a required assembly ..!
They took the "painful footage" off .. made a fool out of the "emperor with no clothes"
And probably still does !
guess he can't keep up his charade forever .. I'm glad to see that these folks re waking up and realizing that this guy has nothing to offer except more lies and name calling ..
If she doesn't change her tune she will live forever .. with satan ..
She is right you know the "Affordable care act" is a boone to democrats .. they don't have to use obamacare .. they are exempted, along with all obamas buddies and unions ..Obama doesn't even want to take part in it ... what does that tell you ..?
sounds like the ranting of a welfare case being a bit jealous of anyone who actually works ..
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