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So I guess he will just waggle his finger and threaten them with a red line .. how many gods does he think are disapproving of beheading ? ..satan is the god of this world, and it is his idea ,, til JESUS CHRIST comes back and claims HIS Crown, satan has pretty much control over any who listen to him ..
If you have followed any court cases lately , you will see that there is no blind justice .. way too many of these judges are only seeing the money .. the Constitution is twisted to affirm their views .. true justice will come from GOD not Man ..
It seems common sense went out with the swearing in of Obama in 2009 .. will we ever get it back?.. this depends on the voters starting in November 2014 .. If America doesn't get itself right with GOD we are on a doomsday spiral ..most of Americas politicians are in league with the devil ..We can correct that .. Believe that GOD has our back ..if we only ask, .. and use your power of the VOTE to put honorable persons into office ..
Well I guess you hope "Uncle Sydney will leave you an inheritance .. what do you think Obama will leave you ? It will be a suitcase full of IOU"s and debts ..
That nails it exactly !
Point taken !
he already has nothing to lose congress Is afraid to touch him ..
I think that "presidential library" will look more like an Islamic mosque, decorated with items from a horror chamber !
Where is all that MISINFORMATION coming from ..?
he was put there purposely .. probably told he didn't have to do anything but what he was told, read the teleprompter, golf, party. and vacation ..
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