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That nails it exactly !
Point taken !
he already has nothing to lose congress Is afraid to touch him ..
I think that "presidential library" will look more like an Islamic mosque, decorated with items from a horror chamber !
Where is all that MISINFORMATION coming from ..?
he was put there purposely .. probably told he didn't have to do anything but what he was told, read the teleprompter, golf, party. and vacation ..
Weaak when it comes to the Constitution .. but a tyrant when he is upholding his notion of how he wants this Nation to fold their cards, and walk away from the table
You can see from the expression on his face, he could care less about whats important to "We the People" It is his job to distract from all the CRIMES .. this administration is committing
she is good at defending rapists .. wonder if slick willie is a pedophile too !
He wouldn't make it through the equipment line ..
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