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The Dictatorship Has Arrived

Joan486 Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 2:58 PM
Even though the American people hate this healthcare law, it was signed into law as a bill, so Obama cannot change his mind and say he will ignore that it was signed into law and make changes that were part of the bill. That change would have to be made by our Congress and Senate. He is acting like a dictator and the fact this administration signed a pact with Russia and we now have 15,000 Russian troops on our soil should be treason. Taxpayer dollars to import Russian soldiers who will be willing to shoot Americans, since our American troops won't, will be used against us as the dictator takes over and we protest.
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Washington's First Fourth

Joan486 Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 2:53 PM
On this Fourth of July, instead of feeling like celebrating our Freedom, we are lamenting the loss of our freedoms. Also, finding out that this administration signed an agreement with Russia and we now have 15,000 Russian troops on our soil, supposedly to help in the case of an emergency, but we all know it's because they will be willing to shoot Americans and our American troops won't. Could this administration be planning to declare himself a dictator.
He just graduated his first 5,000 personal army, under the guise of being paid by Homeland Security. It's to secure the citizens stay quite and be slaves to the government. Oh, by the way, they are ARMED, to go house to house because (flu shots) will be mandatory - sure they are flu shots. He just gave the order to let our Ambassador Chris Stevens be kidnapped by the Muslim Brotherhood to trade him for the Blind Sheik, but our brave Special Force Officers gave their lives to save him and foiled the plot. Also, Obama is shipping arms and tanks to Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood to help them in Syria, and throughout the Middle East, which will be used against Israel and our U.S. Forces. Obama's ring is engraved with: "one god Allah".
Obama, himself, admitted that in a video when he was interviewed about his healthcare plan, when he said, wouldn't it be better to give an older person a pill, and reserve more expensive medical care for a younger person. Never mind he took 760 Billion dollars from Medicare to cover 400 million illegals with our tax money. Anyone over 65 has to have a yearly interview to decide how they choose to end their life. "DEATH PANELS ARE VERY REAL" under Obamacare. VOTE HIM OUT!!!
That's right. His entire agenda is to strangle business. Remember his agenda is not to build the U.S., but to ruin it. Communism is to divide the people, one group against another, put a strangle-hold on growth of business and commerce, put restrictions on Churches and continue to put more people on welfare so the government controls every phase of our lives. Communism is his agenda.
I live in Illinois and I remember Obama as a community organizer - he organized the blacks to sit-in at the banks and cause such a disturbance that the banks caved and gave loans to people who couldn't afford them - some didn't have jobs, they were living on the government, but were given loans anyway. His entire organizing in Chicago was to extort money and jobs for fear of marches against their companies. He was practicing RE-DISTRIBUTION of jobs and wealth through ACORN. He represented ACORN. He was also involved in voter fraud in Illinois, getting those who opposed his agenda, thrown off the ballot so he could run for office unopposed. Michelle worked in Daily's office with Valerie Jarrett - they ran Chicago.
He couldn't do it in 8 more years - we won't have a country left, if he's still in office.
Exactly - they watched for 7 hours while Americans were fighting for their lives.
It appears we have Obama's socialist/communist bloggers on our site. They are paid to haunt the Conservative sites and try to stir up trouble with their lies. They emulate their leader, Barak Osama Obama. They would rather blindly follow a muslim who said on video that he would side with the muslims if the political winds change. It appears he has been arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, Egypt, Libya and throughout the Middle East. He should be arrested and tried for Treason.
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