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Romney Is What the Country Needs Right Now

Joan383 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 12:51 PM
Wow! After your wonderful service, you can only think, get it from the gov't or do with out. There are other options. The VA (come on admit it) has an overwhelming leviathan bureaocracy that keeps efficient and effective healthcare from our national treasures rather than seeing to it that they get the best of everything. Noone says that you shouldn't have EVERYTHING you need, but guaranteed you'd be better off in a competitive private system. I would love for you to have a plan that all vets would have access to that would pay for you to have your care in the best hospitals in the country and not be forced to use a VA hospital. I fully believe that your war wounds are my responsibility and I'm happy to pay taxes to cover your care.

The single most important issue in this election is ending the national nightmare of Obamacare.

If Obamacare is not stopped, it will permanently change the political culture of this country. There will be no going back. America will become a less productive, less wealthy nation. What wealth remains will have to be plowed into Obamacare -- to the delight only of the tens of thousands of government bureaucrats administering it.

There won't be one moment marking the end of America. Everything will just gradually get worse, like trains and the tax code, until a bustling, prosperous nation is...