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Obama Ups Bid as GOP Looks For Way Out of Crisis

Joan383 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 1:06 PM
That's ridculous. The "rich" (or the successful workers as I prefer to call them) are completely supporting this country. They pay WAY more in taxes. The "poor" do NOTHING. 47% of them take out of the gov't more than they put in. China is financing this country. Take a look at the deficit spending and the $16 trillion debt. the USA hasn't paid for anything since the Dems took over congress in 2006. Paying the "Fair Share" should mean that everyone has skin in the game. Make Poor People Pay their Fair Share!!!!!

It's possible to have a strong hand and still overplay it. As Republicans see things, that's what President Obama is doing in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

In private conversation, some in the GOP appear a little sheepish about the fact that they once took the president seriously. Even though he had the upper hand after winning re-election, they thought he genuinely wanted to avoid going over the cliff and would negotiate in good faith. Then Obama sent Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to Capitol Hill with a thumb-in-the-eye offer, and Republicans got the message.

In subsequent days, Obama has not...