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Showdown Over Ground Troops: McCain Says Impeachment On The Table For Obama

Joan362 Wrote: Sep 07, 2013 12:33 PM
When Sarah Palin, during that campaign, wanted to go after Obama, his past records, qualifications etc, not only McCain shut her up but so did the Republican party. When MSM et al came out and said Sarah had NO EXPERIENCE (being a Mayor for 8 years and a Governor for 18 months, on the Energy Commission in AK etc) and the Republican Party did not stand up for her but have (and still do) allowed her to be denigrated for years. I have lost respect for this party (and Karl Rove) albeit I have been a member all my life, but the GOP does not fight back; is riddled with RINO's and wimps who have evidently forgotten what they were elected for - especially RINO's like McCaim; Lindsay Gramnesty, Marco Rubio et al. We HAVE to start taking this country back and the best way is what we are doing - protesting Syria but we also need to DEFUND OBAMACARE; STOP THEIR COMPREHENSION IMMIGRATION BILL - (Amnesty for 20-30 million illegal aliens who broke our laws and the idiots want to give them citizenship?) which if implemented will take away even more jobs; and we need to keep up the letters, calls on IMPEACHING this clown in the WH!
Republican Senator John McCain has been the war drum over Syria for months. He's argued the United States shouldn't simply take limited military action against the Assad regime, but rather should force regime change. He's been an advocate for Syrian rebels, begging President Obama to arm them with high powered artillery. He's even called for a no fly zone. But boots on the ground? That's an impeachable offense.

Barack Obama could face impeachment if he decides to put “boots on the ground” in Syria.

The Republican Arizona senator made the comments to KFYI Thursday following a spirited...
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