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Doubts linger over Syria gas attack responsibility

Joan362 Wrote: Sep 09, 2013 11:31 AM
John Kerry, who fought in Vietnam, gave himself a wound so he could get a purple heart, came home and in several press conferences sold out his fellow soldiers saying they were rapists, murderers etx in great detail. He was a liar and a traitor - thank God for the Swiftboat Veterans who came out with the truth about John Kerry. Also didn't they find him lying about where his yacht was to avoid paying taxes on it? He is not to be trusted - just like Obama - two birds of a feather!

BEIRUT (AP) — The U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove it, but the public has yet to see a single piece of concrete evidence produced by U.S. intelligence — no satellite imagery, no transcripts of Syrian military communications — connecting the government of President Bashar Assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack last month that killed hundreds of people.

In its absence, Damascus and its ally Russia have aggressively pushed another scenario: that rebels carried out the Aug. 21 chemical attack. Neither has produced evidence for that case, either. That's left more questions than answers as the U.S. threatens...