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Ted Cruz is brilliant - a 4.0 average at Yale and Harvard. Also a man with great character and courage. If we ONLY had a majority of Congress who had the same principals and integrity as Cruz. God Bless him and his family.
Our priorities now should be getting rid of all the RINO'S and Democrats who are against defunding this unconscionable, reprehensible bill that even some Democrats admit is a "train wreck". Those damn Republicans who oppose Ted Cruz should be recalled - McCain, McConnell, Gramham et al should be first on the list. Has Nevada given up on getting Dirty Harry out? He is a plague on this country - absolute traitor.
Right! Obamacare is about government control of YOU! The government will decide what care you will receive (and not by a doctor), who your doctor will be and if you are a senior or disabled whether you will even get care. Socialized medicine has never worked anywhere in the world. Why do you think Canadians come to the states?
An empty showboat? What happened to people like you in this country? Obviously you like so many of your ilk, have no comprehension as to what is in that bill....but don't worry - if it goes through you will learn the hard way.
Most everyone has that watch the classic's. It's one of the very best with Jimmy Stewart on the floor of Congress fighting for the people.
So true. After all it was the Democraps that gave us the Village Idiot. Look at their leaders...
The RINO'S are the most disgusting anti-American reprehensible group - I am through with the Republican Party - I will not donate to it - I will support Tea Party Candidates. Treason is running rampant in our Congress led by Dirty Harry, Piglosi, Demorats and RINO'S.
We do not belong in Syria. They have not threatened us nor declared war on us. We have been the policemen of the world far too long and what thanks do we get? We have been the biggest charity of the world - citizens have always given money in aid to countries that have suffered disasters. The fact is that history has shown the Middle Eastern countries have been fighting each other for hundreds and hundreds of years - I doubt that any "attack" that Obama has for his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood (or any Muslim) will have any effect except to bring this country into another war. Putin is dangerous and smart - Obama is not smart and dangerous because he has had no experience in international affairs nor negotiations. The Democrats, remember, gave us this Clown who is purposely destroying this nation because they did not vet him - each of those members should be held accountable.
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Bravo Ted Cruz. Bob Corker, Sit Down.

Joan362 Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 11:16 AM
Karl Rove is the worst possible spokesman for the GOP. You are right - he destroy's Conservative candidates -i.e. Ted Cruz, Todd Akin, Christine O'Donnell on the night of her primary win - so we still had the RINO) Rove and GOP did not help out Joe Miller (AK) when Lisa Murkowski (RINO) went after him nor did he assist Col Alan West in voter fraud. He hates Sarah Palin - one of the best outspoken Conservatives with more cajones than most in Congress - saying exactly what she believes. FOX and the GOP should let him retire.
Obviously Obama is incapable. And I seriously doubt Kerry is - why have we allowed such numnuts in our government - that goes for the majority of Congress as well.
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Celebrity Silence on Syria

Joan362 Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 3:19 PM
Unfortunately Hollywood no longer has the "stars" it had during the 30's. 40's and 50's when they led groups on patriotism - especially during WW!!. This group is not patriotic, they're not particularly bright and I doubt have ever read the Constitution. They are also sheep and don't speak out unless others do - only when there is a chance for photo-ops. Since they seem to be so in love with a Muslim - perhaps they should volunteer to go to Syria or live in the middle east. Their elevators don't always reach the top floor.
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