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You Say You Want a Revolution

Joan362 Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 2:51 PM
If that is what it will take to get this country back from being a third world nation - so be it!
...and no one stopped them. The loon was out there pushing the bill, telling everyone to pass it to find what's in it."...Now tell me, it does not take a rocket scientist to be wary of buying ANYTHING without knowing what's in it. So I have to assume that we have the most pathetic, stupid Democrats (Republicans didn't vote on it) in Congress. Power and greed must pay a great deal these days to sell out the citizens of your country - traitors all of them.
All those poor folks probably have a large screen TV - more than one in their homes. America had the very best health care in the world - no one was ever turned away from the ER...yet now they will find out that going to the ER won't be free - their health insurance is not free as many are now finding out. Obama now has them, lock, stock and barrel...they will be at his mercy and that is exactly what Obamacare was all about - control. Once Obama has control of everyone...(he is still after our guns - when that happens we live in tyranny)...Its Time to WAKE up Americans - you've just been had by an illegal clown in the WH!
Ii think you may be right. I really don't believe they will ever get this train wreck to work - computers fail, not once, but several times and dealing with the myriad of health problems? People won't get treatment or will wait months. I live on a border town close to the Canadian border and wondered when I first moved here why the medical facilities were so large for such a small population - then I realized it was the Canadians coming down here for treatment they either could not get there or had to wait. People that believed this nonsense about government healthcare and supported the Usurper and the loon Piglosi never read history. Socialized medicine has never worked in ANY country! How dumb can you get?
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Chris Noth: Another 'Brain Dead' Actor

Joan362 Wrote: Oct 24, 2013 12:58 PM
I did the same thing and I no longer watch the alphabet networks. The elevators don't always go to the top floor in Hollywood - I have serious doubts if many even know the difference between a socialist/Marxist government and a Republic. I doubt if many have ever read the Constitution - they voted for a "black" president because that was the "going thing" in Hollywood so you could prove you were not racist. Their votes for skin color over character or integrity did not matter. Photo-ops and print and TV are the only things that matter - the country can go to hell - they don't care.
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"Not One of Us"

Joan362 Wrote: Oct 19, 2013 3:35 PM
Sarah is far from dumb - is strong, was an excellent governor for her 18 months with an 85% approval rating. She took on politicians on both sides of the isle for illegal activities and won; took on the big oil company in court for sitting on a lease for 30 years and doing nothing with it, they are now drilling. She had two baskets on her desk, one of which was called, "When Hell freezes over" - cut down pork, on budget. She quit because Democrats were constantly filing frivolous lawsuits against her which she had to defend and took time away from her job. The lawsuit legal fees piled up where the Palins could no longer afford them. Sarah is one of the few in this country, who despite being horribly denigrated by the MSM and the Democrats as well as being thrown under the bus by the Republican party still speaks out, still stands up for the Constitution and this country - she has more guts and courage than 90% of what we call Congress...if only we had more like her.
Just another nut who is not able to understand what is happening in this country! We have a segment of our population who are clueless. Both Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin at least tell the truth as opposed to Obama who lies every time he opens his mouth!
Amen! The Republican party and Speaker Boehner need to stand tall. We cannot raise the debt ceiling - the country is already on a fiscal cliff and Obamacare will in all probability finish this country economically. Why we still have the Muslim Marxist Imposter in the WH is beyond my comprehension. I guess people cannot see the handwriting on the wall. He has committed MANY IMPEACHABLE offenses; has issued 923 Executive orders (Bush had 8 - Clinton 15 - Eisenhower 2 - most presidents issued Ex orders in single digits) is destroying Christianity; giving money, arms, ammo to the Muslim Brotherhood....and we have a Congress who is not stopping the train wreck!
We are buying gas and paying billions when we have our own supply?...That will also give jobs to citizens? This is a no-brainer - but we have a Muslim Marxist foreigner in the WH who wants to destroy this nation - he has no intention otherwise. For you Liberals look at his actions (which speak louder than words) he wants to take away your free speech (1st amendment( your guns so you are unable to protect yourself from rapists, murderers and now a rogue out of control anti-American congress; they won't drill; want to close down coal mines etc. This country is so heavily in debt now and they want to force Obamacare down your throat and tell you what Doctor, treatment etc. you will receive and SURPRISE! iT IS NOT FREE! We need the pipeline - we need to once again drill!
mishandy probably doesn't work so wouldn't understand what you work. Most of the Village Idiots voting base are those who prefer free cell phones rather than a free Republic...probably doesn't understand that either.
Ted Cruz is brilliant - a 4.0 average at Yale and Harvard. Also a man with great character and courage. If we ONLY had a majority of Congress who had the same principals and integrity as Cruz. God Bless him and his family.
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