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Bay Buchanan wrote an exellent book on Hitlery - came out just prior to her has run for the presidency which is documented;footnoted, "The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Clinton" - read that and if you are a reasonably intelligent person you would never ever vote for this very evil woman. There is also another book called, "The Clinton Crackup". There was another book by I believe a Secret Service agent but cannot remember the name.
I think that is a great idea! What is shameful /criminal even is that our Congress has not seen fit to demand Obama release his past records that he paid 2 million to conceal. Obviously is you have something to hide you pay money to hide it? Citizens have a right to know who their "president" is - after all we were told all about GWBush's grades, military experience, alcoholism, Laura's accident -
Maybe the media has been bribed? I don't remember prior to GW's election they were so blantantly one sided. Doesn't say much for their intelligence. Of course, as we have recently found out, Brian Williams lied several times over - I suspect he is not the only one. We should dig deeper - now we all kmow Hitlery Clinton lies - let's get some answers from her.
It might be a bit difficult to check Obama's records simce he was raised in Indonesia (didn't know there were only 50 states in the US not 57 as he said. And specifically how was he able to go to some of the finest (progressive) universities in the country since all of his past records are sealed? Don't you find it strange that no one from those universities seems to remember him?
The problem was that VERY few questions were asked of Obama and Hitlery. Obama wasn't even vetted! Blame our inept Democrat Congress and the wimpy RINO'S for that little bit of obvious "oversight".
"Treasonous" is sitting in our WH!
I would rightly say he is and as for me, so do I. Bibi is a leader who is fighting for his people. We don't have a leader. Obama is a liar and to the very people who insanely voted for this man - he ignores the crisis in the Middle East, is curring our military and our defense. We NEED to hear Bibi Netanyahu - a great man.
I'm certain Netanyahu could care less if the Democrats are there - he is well aware of who they are. The rest of us admire Bibi and welcome him. We know he will tell the truth about the situation in Iran and the middle east. We don't get it from the Muslim in the WH.
Maybe Uncle Joe will stay. He must prefer Marxist/Communists politicies. We can only hope.
OMG! Obviously voters have not researched Hitlery Clinton! She has blood on her hands, a lousy Sec. of State who is responsible, along with Obama, on the middle east crisis. People ought to read Bay Buchanan's book, "The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Clinton" which is documented/footnoted. The book came out prior to her last run for the presidency - this woman is not fit to be president.
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