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The Ugly Youth -- I mean Truth -- About the Romney Campaign

Jo334 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:02 AM
I'm tired of everyone jumping on the boat to now be critical of Romney's campaign. Romney was not my first, second, or even third choice for the GOP ticket. I always said he was too weak a candidate and would lose the election. But I voted for him because anyone would be better than O. Now everyone has to point out whyRomney lost the's all Romney's fault is the attitude of all these articles. It's the GOP's fault for not putting forth a stronger candidate and a better platform.
MediaWatchdog Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 4:31 PM
Agree. There was nothing wrong with Romney. He lost by approx. 3 mil votes, when all the ballots are completely counted. And quite a few of those votes were fraudulent in the swing state metro areas. It was a CLOSE election, NOT a landslide. Obama does NOT have a mandate. He is in fact a lame duck, if the House of Reps doesn't cave into his demands. He too has to worry about the 2014 mid term elections. He will want to make inroads into the House of Reps seats. That is our firewall. We want to keep the House and get back seats in the Senate. Gear up for the fight folks. Start today.
Timothy32 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 4:57 PM
that what you get whem the first two pimaries are in blue states.canidates that cannot beat theres.
jwarrior1 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:25 PM
Good point. We have far too much input from liberals into the selection process for both party candidates. We actually had to escort a few operatives out the door at both the precinct and county level here. Escorted them all the way to the door with the donkey on the door.
Jack2894 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:35 AM
Undeniabley true, in a way. But that begs teh question who would have been stronger and what platform would have been attractive.
jwarrior1 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:48 AM
Stronger GOP candidates.
1. Allen West
2. Ron Paul
3. Marco Rubio
4. Bobby Jindahl
5. Susana Martinez
Just to name a few.
Platform. How about the constitution for a change? How about a Balanced Budget with an articulated plan to pay down the deficit and grow the economy?
Just spit-balling here but lots of alternatives to the Party of NICE GOP.
Jack2894 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 1:42 PM
Any of these people would have been in McGovern territory when it came to electoral votes.
Shoppin Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 2:51 PM
People are not going to vote for crazy rightwingnuts. West couldn't even hold his district. Ron Paul is a crazy old man. If you want these wingers, you must like to lose elections.
jwarrior1 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 3:28 PM
I did not say that liberals like shoppin would like these candidates. I said they were stronger candidates. As for calling them wingers you have shown yourself to be a socialist so get off this board and go somewhere like cuba and yahoo for your posts. Maybe huff a few.
upwithRomney Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 6:35 PM
LOL. Do you notice any pattern here? Black, Anti War, Hispanic, East Indian, Hispanic. Wonder why none of these were seriously considered by the GOP.
James2112 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 8:06 PM
"If you want these wingers, you must like to lose elections"

Did you support Romney? If so, then you must like to lose also.
Mark1369 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 12:01 AM
That is what was said about Reagan and he proved that idea wrong. He was able to by-pass all those trying to label him and explain his ideas in ways that everyday people could understand. They don't understand a 59 point plan to fix the economy.
jwarrior1 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:29 PM
GOP has shown ability to change. Palin= serious VP candidate and like her or hate her that was a move in a new direction.
Funny thing about firsts. After them nobody really cares. So lets get a lot of firsts out of the way and get on with selecting only the best candidates without regard to skin color, sex, religion, ancestry.

Is it just me, or does a candidate actually have to reach out to constituents in order to win elections?

Seems like a foreign concept to Mitt Romney.

In a phone call with supporters, Mitt Romney blamed his loss on Obama buying the support of key demographics--like young Americans--with political “gifts”:

“In each case they were very generous in what they gave to those groups...With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest, was a big gift. Free contraceptives were very big with young college-aged women. And then, finally, Obamacare also made a...