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Nothing is going to happen to this guy. The White House will quietly step in and get him returned to Calif.
As soon as he can get his hands on guns or worse, you'll hear of another jahid on his base.
Ha! No good jokes left for me to post on here............everyone else got to post before me.
The Democrats in Congress and those who designed Obamacare aka Affordable (what a joke) Healthcare Act did not and still do not understand or know how insurance works. The insurance companies went along with this farce because they had no other choice. Now you see the insurance companies finally coming out to say this does not work with all this government regulation. Insurance was a profit making business and you Mr. and Mrs. Citizen had a choice to buy or not buy. Now with insurance being ran by the government it is doomed to fail.
@cashe Well if your children are grown, then you and your children did not face what is going on in the schools today. I use to be totally against home schooling and private schools and I too sent my son to public school. Now when I look at what is being taught in public schools, I'm not so sure I want that for my grandchildren.
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Common Core

Jo334 Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 10:31 AM
I think the people commenting on here do "get it" that Common Core is not the answer. I do not think John Stossel "gets it" and his poorly written article did nothing to convince me that he knows anything about Common Core. The education system has been dumbing down the standards that should be met by the students for years. They've done this to try and be "fair" to those they feel are at an unfair disadvantage due to home life, race, and ethnic background. Yep, just dumbing down my grandchildren.
Hmmmmm......smells like someone paid this reporter to write a version of Benghazi to agree with Hillary and Barack's wild tale. Let there be someone to come forward and investigate this reporter and his sources and show him to be a fraud!
Susan Rice still did not respond to why and how the Benghazi raid happened and why no one has been held accountable. I have no use for anything this woman has to say now.
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Obamacare: Silence of the Insurers

Jo334 Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 10:05 AM
The insurance companies are afraid to speak out against O and his Ocare. They know he can make it even worse for them, than what he already has. It's not talked about in the news, but the insurance companies are commanded to spend 80 cents out of every dollar in premium on the healthcare of the insured. 20 cents out of each dollar the insurance company must cover all their other costs to provide the insurance. Do you really see big profits here? Heaven forbid the capitalistic insurance company make a profit. Yes they are quite but they have good reason to be quite or they will lose even more under Ocare.
Well JohnMitchell this woman does not naively accept whatever lies the media spoon feeds. Don't lump groups of people together like you did to make your point......that is why so many people will not listen to a conservative voice.
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