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(Cont).Not to mention, Americans dying. Patients having major surgery in NHS (British) hospitals face a much higher risk of dying than those in American hospitals. Doctors comparing mortality, found that people who have treatment in Britain are four times more likely to die than patients undergoing similar operations in the United States. There is good reason to want Obamacare repealed.
Obamacare was a rushed through, poorly thought out enormously complex and wasteful program. There are much better systems that a more carefully analyzed process could have created. For example, in Singapore, everyone pays into a health insurance scheme, but there are benefits for those who don’t use it. There are incentives for those who choose healthier lifestyles or decide to forgo expensive treatment. Instead, what Obama and the Democrats forced into law is British-style rationing supervised by box-ticking bureaucrats and technocrats. This will lead to wide variance in the quality of treatment we get; long waiting lists; surly, grudging, unionized service (think of the U.S. airport experience); and truly astounding levels of waste. Not t
This is about the 50th story like this, coming from around the country. And we can only imagine how many millions of votes are being stolen from Republicans. If the Republicans were doing this, I would be furious. But the liberals aren't making a peep. They are perfectly happy to steal this election. Just one more reason why so many once idealistic young citizens, drop out of the Democratic Party. We want no part of all the dishonesty and thuggery. It's un-American and offensive.
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Polls: Ties in MI, MN, NH, OH, PA

jo254 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:55 PM
" President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA." God help all of us if Obama is re-elected. Coal is cheap electricity. Our bills could quadruple if Obama gets his way and uses regulations to kill the coal industry. By the way, Obama lied to our faces when he claimed the coal miners do not support Romney. They do. There's a heartbreaking video where 500 coal miners are holding a press conference trying to fight back against the Obama political machine. Heartbreaking. Obama is a bald faced liar. He has no shame.
As convinced that I am, that teachers' unions are about adults' jobs, not about educating children, I must say that online schools, in my experience, do not do a good job of educating students. Because, human nature being what it is, the kids can too easily not study, not do their homework independently (not that kids in school always do so either), and who knows who is providing the answers to online exams? Anyway, the kids I know who attended online schools, didn't seem to have learned much of anything. Perhaps, it depends on an attentive parent essentially acting as the teacher during the student's interaction with the online program.
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Bring Back Child Labor

jo254 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 11:58 AM
Mr. Habeeb, I love your daughter's name. That's all I wanted to say.
Yes, we know, Obama hides whatever it is that he did in college and graduate school, but one can easily imagine the courses he must have taken and the student organizations he must have joined, given the MILLIONS of dollars that team Obama has spent to suppress the release of those records. Let me see, how about: "Marxism 101", "Promoting Communism in Democracies" , "How to Infiltrate and Destroy Liberty in a Free People" etc. Also, what organizations must Obama have been active in? "Students for Overthrowing the Government",, "The American Young Communist Party". Where there are millions of dollars in smoke, there has to be fire.
Mr. Obama has attended as many as six fundraisers in a single day. At least a few of them are always the $38,000 a person variety. And one wonders how much arm twisting his handlers had to do this summer to keep him from going off to Martha's Vineyard and his $50,000 a week resort. I'd bet a thousand dollars that the day after the election,win or lose, the Obama's will leave for some overpriced extravagant vacation destination. That's who they are. And their obvious contempt for Americans, not just Republicans,but even their own supporters is utterly offensive.
Our media is so wedded to hard left ideology, that there is nothing that would turn them against Obama. Unless he totally lost it in front of a camera, and said what he really thinks of Americans (he not only has little but contempt for us, he genuinely dislikes us.) Come to think of it, since the media basically agrees with him, they still wouldn't turn on him. Until they became the object of ridicule amongst the real intellectuals (us, not them). Then and only then would they stand down. Begrudgingly.
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What's Behind Hatred of Obama?

jo254 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 10:53 AM
First of all, Carter wasn't hated, because he was/is a decent, honest man, trying to do his best (in a way that didn't work, much as socialism never has worked). Clinton lied constantly, and was immoral. He used his political position to habitually abuse women. Obama campaigned as a moderate who would reduce the size of the federal government, stop wasteful government spending, and never sign any legislation containing earmarks. (He actually said those things, not once, but repeatedly in 2008.) He also promised to unite our nation. Now I ask you, can you figure out why anyone who voted for Mr. Obama in good faith would be furious with him?
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