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Would Someone please tell this dopey Speaker, "OF COURSE THE WHITEHOUSE IS NOT GOING TO HELP IN THIS IRS SCANDAL---THEY ARE PART OF IT, WITH A.G. HOLDER .CALLING THE SHOTS WITH OBAMA- JUST AS THEY DID ON other SCANDALS- "FAST & FURIOUS", "BENGHAZI", etc. This Speaker is either Very Dumb, or Just Gullible and in NO WAY a good leader as Speaker-Boehner needs to STEP DOWN. Over 1 1/2 yrs. ago, HE should have appointed a Special Outside Prosecutor, but he DIDN'T. He said: "I trust Obama....Really? NOT MANY DO, except YOU- Seems Mr. Speaker, you are enjoying a "Status Quo" to keep your cushy job/perks/healthcare/and being able to add to your $5 Million Stash Going. You Sir, have continually, "Bent over backwards to vote WITH Obama in all things HE wanted, and turned your back on your OWN party, which DOES include Conservatives, like Many of us out here, when you insulted them in the GOP- a Rino is a kind word for you...there are Many others, as YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIVIDE IN THE GOP, AS YOU DIDN'T KEEP 'ALL MEMBERS TOGETHER.'
BTW: Can anyone send this article/comments to Cameron Diaz, and the Rest of the "Holly-woodheads" who think Hillary is qualified to run the nation, as she couldn't even handle being Sec.of State, and left four DEAD Americans in Benghazi because of her ineptness?"
This is NO surprise coming from Hillary-the pathological Liar ALL her sordid life. That she would take this case, then attack a 12 yr.old girl, is ludicrous. This article should be sent to N.O.W., since they and their followers are buying Hillary's bs about "being the defender for women." She is the WORST example of women, because just like this "12 yr.old girl, Hillary ALSO 'attacked the women Bill assaulted/raped/fondled a SECOND TIME, WHEN SHE HAD THEM INVESTIGATED IN ORDER TO FIND 'DIRT ON THEM, THAT SHE COULD USE TO SMEAR BILL'S VICTIM'S WITH, AND THUS, HILLARY WAS ATTACKING THEM, A SECOND TIME." The woman is ruthless, a 60's Radical, who wrote her thesis on Marxist Radical Saul Alinsky, who was HER mentor. He wanted Her to work for him, but she opted instead to join the team to take down Nixon. She truly IS a Radical, as per Saul Alinsky's- "Rules For Radicals" that she follows to this day.(btw: So does Obama, who taught the methods to Acorn Thugs) Hilly IS "Obama in a Pantsuit" Radicals! Send this article to every person you know-including N.O.W. and people like Diane Sawyer, who thinks Hillary walks on water, as she ignores this woman's past and all her lies.
As far as the "LIars of the Podium" go, Jay Corney was a total embarassment to the American People, as he stood Daily at the podium and Lied to the American people, for the "Liar In Chief-Obama." I thought Gibbs was bad, but this guy, had Him beat by a MILE. Talk about 'Obama' shows that Some Jobs are NOT worth the money you get paid as a Mouthpiece, as they show you as a Media Wh*re.
Agree with you Mary-I don't know HOW this "Liar of the Podium can even Look at himself in the mirror. I know he's the "mouthpiece for the Liar In Chief, but Gawd-isn't Jay SICK OF LOOKING LIKE A DOPE/OBAMA BOOTLICKER? He should have gotten out a long time ago, at least to save whatever his reputation was prior to joining the LIC-Obama. I thought "Gibbs was dishonest-well, this guy HAD even Him Beat!!
Your post SAYS IT ALL, and is SPOT ON FOR THESE "DemoThugs"
You, Ivan have said a mouthful, as these amoral Dems, "Continue to follow the methods of Saul Alinsky's..."Rules For Radicals" and the 13 Rules they follow to a 'T'....ALL those who have Not read this book, should order it from Amazon, as you will SEE what these 'followers(Marxists LIKE Alinsky) will stoop to, in order to PUSH THEIR MARXIST AGENDA OFF ONTO AMERICA, FOR CHANGE-POWER-CONTROL OF THOSE THEY VIEW AS 'SHEEPLE'....BTW: Obama taught these methods to Acorn Thugs, and Alinsky was Hillary's Mentor she wrote Her Thesis on.
Amazing that LIARS are STILL SPINNING this "COVER UP", like Today-Carney-(on Brett Baird now- Tom Vietor,(former NSC spokesan)- Another LIAR who is , lying HIS butt off, and ACTUALLY blaming it on political theater) -Michael Morell who lied before the comittee- This Crooked Regime Continues TO LIE, BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO "KNOW THEY ARE LYING". These liars, "insult your intelligence, as we KNOW, Obama, Hillary, The Rhode Bros(one heads news @CBS and the other is a partner in crime at the Wh.House For Obama) etal. "ALL wanted to mislead What REALLY went on, to KEEP OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN ON TRACK". It was Obama MIA on this, and went to raise CASH the next morning in Vegas." Hillary was "NEGLIGENT IN HER DUTIES AS SEC.OF STATE, AND FAKED HER ILLNESS SO AS 'NOT TO HAVE TO TESTIFY AS SHE TOLD THE VIDEO LIES-OVER AND OVER AGAIN....There is NO depth to which these DemoThugs would stoop to KEEP THEIR CONTROL AND POWER....AND LYING IS ONE OF THEIR ALINSKY RULES THEY FOLLOW TO A "T".........All these people need to be OUT of jobs, so they cannot Continue to LIE-Just as they are turning this into a 'political games, accusing those who want TRUTH, as keeping this going.' I bet the 4 families DON'T think it's political games, and they TOO, Want the Truth-
Correct post TP, and it was Bill, the 'professor, who wrote in an article that "I wish we would have done more(when asked about the damages, bombings, etc." Yeah, real upstanding citizens these Thugs are. They came from wealthy families, who could afford to get them off with good lawyers, but know what? They will STILL be known as Radicals/Murderers/Communists the rest of their ugly, sick lives.
With Obama the head of this "Crooked, Radical Regime" and friends like Bill and Bernie and the rest of the Radicals he is surrounded with, it is NOT far fetched to think that HE would come out to back this "Murderer, who should STILL be in prison." They are 'stacking the deck, with ALL these radical types, in order to "Change America" into the ideology and Marxism these Communists WANT. From the "Red Diaper babies(as Obama is one, Axelrod another) to the Weather Underground Terrorists, like Bill and his wife, we have heard Obama DENY he even KNEW Bill(just a guy in the neighborhood) let alone they "worked together on CAC-Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and the Woods Project." Liars, Cheats, Murderers, Cons, name it-they are ALL alike.
Good post thom and so true. They have 'selective justice...ONLY against their perceived enemies.....Good American Citizens who did NOT vote for the Fraud, or have civilly protested HIS OVER REACH of Gov't, that he does as a Dictator. Namely the Tea Party Patriots, who actually are NOT a political party, but a 'grass roots movement of people from all walks of life, that looked out for what was happening Against ALL Americans....erosion of freedom, independence and our liberties. When the Obama Regime got Caught, they did as you say - stonewall, go deaf, dumb and blind in the hearings and just ignored what they "wanted to go away."
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